Mithril Weekly | 秘銀週報 11/30/2018

New Exchange This Week

Start trading MITH on GDAC! GDAC is an exchange based in Korea that is famous for “trading mining” and “community mining”, popular among token holders and traders in Korea.

It is a great pleasure to announce that MITH is officially listed on Binance’s Trust Wallet. This good news will add additional liquidity and global investor access to Mithril.

Blockshow Asia 2018

Join Mithril to witness the historical moment of blockchain industry at Blockshow Asia 2018 in Singapore.
Founder of Mithril, Jeffrey Huang sat down with Alex from MAX, and Calvin from ABCC Crypto Exchange for a panel discussion.
Sat down for an exclusive one-on-one with VP of Cointelegraph, Stephen Chase after the opening ceremony.
Interview with “BLOCK CLIP ” , a blockchain media from Japan.
Great talk with Christopher Greene from AMTV.

VAULT will Support BNB and Open to More Cryptocurrencies!

Since Mithril is now listed in Binance the largest exchange in the world, VAULT, a digital wallet developed by Mithril will start supporting Binance coins (BNB) in December for deposit and withdrawal.

한국분들은 여기로~

미스릴 의 첫번째 한국파티 개최! 소셜 마이닝 체험하러 가자 !

【행사장소】서울 청담 디브릿지 

See you next week!



秘銀於11/29 正式登上韓國GDAC交易所!GDAC是一間專門提供交易挖礦(Trading Mining)與社群挖礦(Community Mining)的韓國交易所,於當地幣圈及持幣者間擁有相當高的人氣!

秘銀與Binance展開深度合作,Binance專屬電子錢包Trust Wallet支援秘銀幣,持幣者可於Trust Wallet 中以秘銀幣進行儲值和提領,進一步提昇秘銀幣的流通性!


與秘銀一同見證區塊鏈產業的關鍵時刻!藉由今年的 Blockshow 盛會,除了讓更多海外朋友們認識秘銀,我們也將持續擴大秘銀生態系 ,朝融入未來生活的方向前進!
大哥與 MAX — MaiCoin Asset Exchange 數位資產交易所 的 Alex、 ABCC Crypto Exchange 的 Calvin 及眾多大咖們齊聚一堂,深入暢談對亞洲區塊鏈經濟的發展與期待!
開場演講結束後,大哥也和 Blockshow 主持人 Stephen Chase 展開熱烈對談,暢聊彼此對區塊鏈的看法及未來世界的想像。
感謝日本區塊鏈媒體 BLOCK CLIP 的報導~
感謝北美區塊鏈媒體 AMTV 的報導!AMTV 是美國知名的區塊鏈媒體,發布的影片超過1000萬觀看數!

VAULT 即將支援 BNB 開放更多幣種體驗!

暨秘銀於全球最大交易所–幣安 Binance 上幣後,由秘銀團隊打造的電子錢包VAULT 將於12月支援由幣安發行的平台幣 BNB,搶先開放儲值與提領的功能給用戶。