Mithril Weekly | 秘銀週報 11/9/2018

First stop in November : Macau

Mithril is going to Sora Summit with Big brother! It aims to educate and develop opportunities for collaborative leadership and communities’ articulating on Asia’s interaction and growth. The two-day conference takes place on the 13th and 14th of November 2018 in Macau. Click the news title for more details.

Get ready to party in Seoul!

Mithril has been growing rapidly in developing the Korean market and the outstanding performance has caught local media’s attention in such a short period of time.

Therefore, Mithril is hosting a party in Seoul! it would be our honour to have your presence to celebrate the achievements with us. We cannot wait to share the joy with you! Details will be announced soon.

Trick or Stake Halloween Party

The “Trick or Stake” staking event has came to an end. The average staking frequency is 3.5 times per person. Therefore, the winners go to people stake for 3 and 4 times, who will share the 500 MITH reward together! Are you a winner?

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success! Stay tuned for our next contest!

Let’s go to “devcon iv” with Wilson

Mithril VP, Wilson attended “devcon iv” in Prague, Czech Republic. Click news title for more details.

See you next time!




年底首爾派對get ready!



萬聖節秘存活動 得獎者出爐!

誰是最終贏家?經過激烈的競爭,萬聖節秘存活動終於告一段落了。本次活動每人平均秘存筆數是 3.5筆,秘銀團隊決定讓秘存3筆跟4筆的朋友平分500秘銀的獎勵。得獎者已於各Telegram電報群公佈囉!


W神不愧是W神!秘銀副總Wilson現身捷克參加以太坊基金會年度大會Devcon 4。點擊新聞標題看全文。