Start Your MITH Mining Journey on Yeemos Now!|秘銀第二個挖礦好夥伴 Yeemos正式開放挖礦!

Feb 14, 2019 · 3 min read

MITH has made Yeemos the second partner for MITH Mining! MITH Mining on PiePie have started in March 2018. As of today, you can mine MITH on Yeemos in both iOS and Android.

PiePie highlights on sharing photos and videos while Yeemos focuses on interaction. The unique “Doodle” feature gives users an easier way to experience mining. Here is an update of the key features:

1. Anonymity

You need to vent, but you prefer to keep it from friends? Yeemos Anonymity is your rescue! Whatever gives you joy or frowns, you can talk about it freely and anonymously!

2. Doodle

We get it. Drawing is more interesting than text comments. Yeemos allows you to comment on stories of friends and strangers with drawings, stickers or GIFs. The Doodle feature creates more fun for you to interact with others!

Set up Doodle permissions here:

3. Snap Emotions

Snap Emotions are special to Yeemos. Long press the emotion capsules to show your happiness, love, excitements, annoyance, sadness, fear or anger. You may as well tap on the emotion capsules continuously to show how strongly you feel about it!

Wanna try these fun experiences? Download Yeemos and start your mining journey now!

iOS Store:

Google Play:

Know more about Yeemos:

1. Don’t Miss Out On Any Updates! Keep Up with the Yeemos Homepage for the Latest News!

2. Machi Big Brother Stickers Just Launched! Yeemos Photo-editing Functions Revealed!

3. Likes and Comments Not Enough? Use Yeemos’ Exclusive Doodle Function to Reply to Your Friends!

4. We heard you! Yeemos has opened Doodle Reply for strangers!

5. First Ever “Strangers Only” Function! Get in on the Fun by Sharing Your Pictures on Yeemos!


秘銀第二個挖礦好夥伴 Yeemos正式開放挖礦!

暨第一個挖礦夥伴「拍拍」於2018年3月開放挖礦,第二個挖礦夥伴 Yeemos 也於今天正式在 iOS、Andriod 系統開放挖礦!

不同於拍拍強調分享影音、照片的型態,Yeemos 更重視「互動」,獨家「塗鴉」功能讓用戶間以更簡單輕鬆的方式體驗,獨家功能重點更新如下:

1. 匿名:

想抒發心事,卻怕朋友看見?Yeemos 匿名動態就是你的救星!無論是開心事、傷心事,不妨發布匿名動態,盡情暢所欲言吧!

2. 塗鴉:

懶得打字留言,就用「畫」的回覆吧!無論是好友還是陌生人,都可以在動態上透過簡單的畫筆、貼圖、GIF 動畫塗鴉,用更有趣的方式回覆對方動態,創造更有趣的互動!

點此設定塗鴉權限 👉

3. 心情膠囊:

Yeemos 獨家創造「六大心情膠囊」,包含開心、愛心、興奮、討厭、難過、害怕、生氣,長按畫面中的膠囊就能選擇最貼近你的心境,還可以透過「連續點擊」,讓對方感受到你更強烈的心情!

想體驗這些有趣的互動嗎?即刻下載 Yeemos,開始你的挖礦之旅吧!

iOS Store:
Google Play:


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