Don’t Miss Out On Any Updates! Keep Up with the Yeemos Homepage for the Latest News!|動態消息不漏接!Yeemos首頁讓你隨時追蹤流行事!

Dec 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Mithril’s new social mining partner, Yeemos, an anonymous social platform, has received raving reviews from users for its Beta version. The exclusive “anonymous” and “doodle” features are especially beloved by fans !

Yeemos not only provides a platform for young generation to post pictures and share how they feel, the homepage allows fans to discover online friends of similar interests and emotions across borders! Let’s take a look at what features are available on the homepage!

1. Latest Updates
Missed your friend’s update? No worries, Yeemos has you covered! Latest Updates will show all your friends updates so you don’t ever miss a beat. Whether its commenting, doodling, or sending a mood capsule, Yeemos has your back!

2.Theme Updates
Theme Updates gives you a curated collection of updates, keeping you posted on the latest things around the globe shared by fans all over. Yeemos also has a special anonymous update collection for you to check out what people are sharing anonymously! Users can also look at the latest trending hashtags through the Theme Updates, to stay on top of the trends!

3. Discover Mood Capsules
Anyone else feeling the same way in this world? Click your mood capsule to find someone equally happy, loving, excited, appalled, sad, afraid or angry on this planet.

4.Search Bar
Looking for a friend or a hashtag? Look no further than our search bar! You can also reach to find recommended users and hot topics for more fun!

Yeemos has more great news to share! The latest version 1.1.8 now comes with a GIF feature. On top of doodling, writing, and using stickers for updates, you can now try out the GIF! Share what you really feel right now!

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