Mitoo launches app to help you play Sports

Paulo Arantes
Nov 18, 2015 · 2 min read
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This week we launched a new app to help anyone find and join a nearby sports team — Local Sports by Mitoo.

A recent study shows that adults don’t start playing sports mostly because they don’t know people doing it, which leads to a costly inactive routine. With Local Sportsyou can start playing by simply getting the app and searching your favorite sports.

With the new app, we expect to see more people discovering the sports action locally. Like Timothy Sherratt, co-founder at Mitoo says:

“It’s the ‘social glue’ that keeps people participating in sports on a regular basis. People come back week on week, not just because they love to play, but because they get to hang out with their friends. We wanted to find a way to bridge the gap between local communities and social sports, and bring this (relatively offline) social network to the surface, making it more accessible to all.”

It’s pretty exciting to see such fast validation, in just a week we have plenty of people finding new leagues to join in just seconds.

Keeping it fun

Once a player joins a local league, they receive an invitation to download Mitoo’s other app (Sports Messenger) and their updated schedules, standings and results are already there. They receive automatic notifications from the league organization about upcoming games, results, and all their teammates are already there in a group messaging platform.

About Mitoo

Since Mitoo launched in the USA seven months ago, we have already helped keep over 800,000 players engaged with their sports leagues and clubs, and connected with their teammates. Now we hope to help more people find places and sports to play.

Get the app here: iOS or Android

Mitoo Insider

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