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Maretta Morovitz
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3 min readMay 4, 2022


RSA 2022

The Engage team is beyond excited to reconnect with the community at RSA 2022! Send an email to engage@mitre.org to meet up with the team. Also check out any of the below events to see the team in action.

And make sure to keep checking our LinkedIn for updates and popup events!

Panel: The Road to Adversary Engagement: Get Your Organization from 0 to 88 MPH

Wednesday, Jun. 8, 2022 from 1:15 PM — 2:05 PM PT

Join panelists Dr. Stan Barr from MITRE Engage, J.R. Manes from HSBC, SA Tony Rogers from the FBI and moderator Maretta Morovitz from MITRE Engage for a conversation on denial, deception and adversary engagement across the public and private sectors.


Collaboration across the public and private sector is crucial to defend against adversaries. Join MITRE, HSBC, and the FBI in a conversation that will expand the community utilizing denial, deception, and adversary engagement technologies for corporate defense by exploring the field, highlighting successful operations, and emphasizing the importance of this technology as a defensive strategy.

Panel: Stop Being Sitting Cyber Ducks! Adversary Engagement: the New Cyber-Defense

Thursday, Jun. 9, 2022 from 1:00 PM — 1:50 PM PT

Join panelists Robert Black from the UK National Cyber Deception Lab, Dan Brett from CounterCraft, Patrick Gould from the Defense Innovation Unit, Mary Yang from LookingGlass Cyber Solutions and moderator Dr. Stan Barr from MITRE Engage for a conversation on how denial, deception, and adversary engagement can be integrated as part of your cyber defense strategy.


Passive approaches to cybersecurity are failing, with breaches continuing daily. This session will explore using proactive cyber-defense measures, such as adversary engagement and deception, to defend better by fighting attackers in networks. With participants from MITRE and the UK National Cyber Deception Lab, the Defense Innovation Unit and tool vendors, this will be a fascinating discussion.

In addition to these panels, join MITRE for several Birds of a Feather discussions. While each discussion is a distinct event, we invite participants to attend both as part of a longer conversation. What better way to bookend your RSA time than with conversations about adversary engagement!

Birds of a Feather: Denial, Deception, and Adversary Engagement

Monday, Jun. 6, 2022 from 1:10 PM — 2:00 PM PT

Kick off your RSA time with Dr. Stan Barr from MITRE Engage for a facilitated conversation on the topics of denial, deception, and adversary engagement.

We at MITRE Engage are strong believers that cyber deception technologies, unlike many other defensive technologies, are not “fire and forget.” Rather, deception technologies should be deployed as part of an intentional strategy that drives toward well understood goals. We will discuss how organizations can operationalize these technologies as a pillar of their defense cyber strategy.

Birds of a Feather: Driving Deception with Adversary Behaviors

Friday, Jun. 9, 2022 from 9:40 AM — 10:30 AM PT

End your RSA time with Maretta Morovitz from MITRE Engage for a facilitated conversation around the relationship between adversary behavior, Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) and denial, deception, and adversary engagement activities.

As adversaries interact with the environment, they reveal their own behavioral weaknesses. These weaknesses can be exploited by the defender using deception technology. We will discuss how organizations can start using adversary behavior as a driver behind their defensive strategy.

Denial, Deception, and Drinks: LIVE edition!


Join MITRE Engage for a special LIVE denial, deception, and drinks event. Details will be announced (and updated here) in the coming weeks. What can we tell you now? You can be sure that this event will bring stimulating conversation, deception nerds, and drinks that you will need to pay for (we are a non-profit after all!).

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