What is Mitrend?

A Data Center Assessment Service

In a Nutshell

Mitrend helps IT professionals by providing a clear and accurate view of datacenter infrastructure. Our automated services include assessments of a wide range of infrastructure components, from Server and Virtualization to Storage and Backup Systems.

How do we help?

Mitrend provides comprehensive reports that help with IT planning:

  • Health and Performance Analysis
  • Capacity Planning
  • Systems Design

How to Start

Running a Mitrend Assessment is a quick and simple process. Collect your system profile information using our lightweight and agentless tools. Submit it for processing. Receive a report in either our online/web-based format, or export it to PowerPoint or Excel.

What makes us different?

Lightweight and Agentless

Our collection utilities are lightweight. Nothing needs to be installed.

Use it once or use it continuously

Some users need a quick snapshot of their environment. Other users want to maintain a long running view of their environment.

Vendor Independent

Our reports are factual, unbiased, and vendor neutral.

Secure and Private

The uploaded system metrics and profile information is encrypted, purged when no longer needed, and will not be shared with any third party. Your contact information will never be licensed or sold.

Community Driven

We are continually listening to our user community and delivering new services & features. Join the conversation!

Thank you to our amazing partners & customers!

We’re looking forward to an awesome 2017 and beyond.

Questions? Email us at team@mitrend.com!