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The power of workplace culture

As we continue to navigate these ever-changing times, we all have to be flexible with our responsibilities. It hasn’t necessarily been easy, and we have certainly been tested, but we know that as long as we show up as our authentic selves, we can withstand anything. It’s essential to reconsider the importance of your company culture and strive for being as close as possible.

Creating a culture that encourages mentorship and teamwork is a great way to build a thriving organization. It’s natural for people to be competitive, but ultimately, everyone will profit from sharing their knowledge, as it will only create a stronger team in the long run. A positive work culture and distinctive cultural identity can easily attract phenomenal employees to join a phenomenal team.

Company’s culture can have a powerful effect on its employees. Strong culture is key to keeping your team together and fulfilled! Whether you’re a startup or an established organization, it is important to keep employees engaged.

Building a quality-oriented company culture can be extremely challenging in some scenarios. Some teammates may shy away from sharing their honest feedback on the work done, preventing its constant development. Many will agree that this should be avoided in general. Note that getting used to an open and transparent culture doesn’t come easy. Transparency comes through establishing a work culture that encourages to keep the spirit of the community alive.

We do have versatile leaders within our team at Mitsogo. Having a wide range of skill sets is celebrated here and is incredibly useful, especially at a time like now. When you take care of your employees’ needs, they’ll be more inclined to do better work. These are few things we need to build up and consider while we establish a work culture in an organization-

  • Trust

Company environment can have a huge impact on its employee. When you hire an associate show some trust and let them do it with gentle coaching. Building good relationships at work is a key component to a healthy work culture.

  • Encourage questions

Asking questions is an art and brings people to reflect on aspects they might have taken for granted. Let the employees feel free enough to ask questions that will let them, and the company grow in the process.

  • Well-being of an employee

Focus on your people. If you demonstrate that you truly understand them, care for their wellbeing, then you keep them happy, which eventually results in increased retention at your firm. Just getting to know your team is a good start. An example is celebrating team members’ birthdays and hobbies.

  • Employee recognition

Employees crave recognition from their peers. It sets a positive tone in the office and strengthens connections between colleagues. Recognizing the hard work of those around you is a major component to a great company culture.

  • Belonging

The ability to emulate a sense of belonging can make or break a company. It is crucial to create a sense of belongingness for the employee in the workplace as it can help us build a culture of inclusivity and positive relationships in a company.

  • Feedback

Asking for feedback results in continuous improvement. Responding to your employee’s needs is a step towards building a great company culture. There’s so much to gain from collecting feedback and you can truly harness it as one of the best tools in your employee productivity.

How much do we think about nuances of the work cultures we foster within teams and organization?




Mitsogo is an emerging leader in providing business mobility & digital workspace management solutions.

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