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“We make it flexible for our working parents”

Parenthood is the most challenging period for an employee. It comes with lots of elements like managing household, keeping the kids entertained and working. It can be a challenge juggling the work and family. Especially with both parents working.

Each day, working parents do the impossible: raise their children and have a career at the same time. ⁠Remember that no matter what you do you shouldn’t feel like you have to stifle yourself to do it. We can be strong, smart, sensitive, graceful, powerful, assertive, funny, commanding, compassionate, pretty, soft, outspoken, and a million other things all at the same time — and that is an asset. The world, businesses, duties, and communities are better when we show up and represent ourselves authentically as such in all roles. So, believe in showing up rather than sitting back!

Working parents bring special qualities to both their work and their life, and we’ve created a flexible working philosophy that encourages parents to do what it takes to make both work and life happen simultaneously.

Here are some tips for managers and organizations on keeping this “essential” talent base engaged and productive in a time like no other.

  1. Flexibility

Workplace flexibility stresses on the ability of a person to adapt to changing environment, particularly regarding how and when work gets done. Juggling work and parenting is one of the hardest things you can do. Switching from the 9–5 to virtual assistant work means that you can be at home for all of the precious moments without giving up your career.

2. Create a culture of teamwork

You have heard the expression, “TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.” This is a great time to demonstrate that we can be flexible and find a way for everyone on our team to make a vital contribution. Create a culture that values a healthy work-life balance and makes working moms and dads feel comfortable at their work.

3. Parental Leave

Paid parental leave is the best way to ensure that employees feel valued. Offering these benefits individualizes the work experience and sends a clear message to employees that their personal needs and desires are being heard and considered. Make sure your policies are inclusive of all kinds of parents and parents-to-be moms, dads. Work from home and work life balance is just as important for these employees. Ensure all your policies and parenting programs are easily accessible; and that employees are not stigmatized for accessing them.

“Mitsogo Provides both maternity and paternity leave option for our employees, as it is essential to spend quality time with the newborn.”

4. Weekend break

One thing we can do to help balance is dedicating weekends just for relaxing. Yes, we’ll probably end up checking emails, but that’s it for now!

“We give everyone weekend off at Mitsogo and while people appreciated the gesture, our parents specifically called out how much they valued having the extra time to build and establish new routines and schedules with their families.”

5. Consider a parent’s schedule

Happy parents mean happy workers. A working parent is supposed to plan all their activities so that they can achieve their goals and priorities during the available time. It is very important to differentiate between high end task and low priority task. This helps to maintain an equilibrium in the work life and personal life.

Meet Sarika Abraham, a mom, and a career enthusiast at Mitsogo

What a year this has been, totally unexpected, totally overwhelming and completely amazing at the same time. Working through the Covid-19 has been a real game-changer, especially for working parents. It’s a weird trap; I would wish away some days, and then hope others didn’t end. I’d want to cuddle my baby every moment and want all the space I could get a minute later.

When you’re truly passionate about something, the transformation you’re making feels seamless. Every day isn’t perfect. Going after the things we want most in life isn’t easy. It’s a lot of early mornings, late nights, faith and patience. It’s a balancing act. It’s believing in yourself even when you’re given reasons to doubt. It’s trusting you can handle whatever comes your way, before knowing what those things will be. It’s wanting your dreams so bad that literally nothing can stand in your way. When you do something you truly love and are passionate about, it doesn’t feel like a dreadful task⁣. It’s beautiful. It’s a blessing to be so passionate.

For me, being a working mom means I’m constantly being pulled in a million different directions. The process is so uniquely complicated and fraught with unforeseen circumstances. It can be hard to compartmentalize and give 100% of my attention to work, my husband, my kids throughout the day — and the list goes on. I’m lucky that I’m often able to quickly switch gears and that my job allows me to check in remotely when needed.

“Being a parent at Mitsogo has been great. I have an absolutely flexible work schedule. Since I have been working from home since March, I have been able to spend even more time with my family, which is great.”

Mitsogo offers flexible hours and the ability to work from home because they believe and completely support — family life as it is just as important as your work life.




Mitsogo is an emerging leader in providing business mobility & digital workspace management solutions.

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