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Jack Serrino
Jul 12, 2016 · 3 min read

Hey, I’m Jack — an MIT 2018. Welcome to the TechX blog! My friends and I have decided to start blogging every couple of weeks to document how TechX has shaped our college experience. We want this blog to be a place for our opinions, events, and stories.

What is TechX? TechX is a MIT student group that I’ve been a part of for 2 years. We put on fantastic, fun, and far reaching events — from hackathons to career fairs to project funding programs. If you want to learn more, you can visit http://techx.mit.edu

You can expect to see a post here once a month or so that’ll touch on the following topics:

  • Behind the scenes of our events
  • Insights and reflections
  • Life at MIT
  • And more!

Meet the Team

As a kick-off post, meet this year’s Exec team! These people are some of my best friends — they’re really cool, I promise.

Margaret Tian

Managing Director, 2018 studying Mathematics

I used to have 3 dreams. Now that Pokemon Go has let me live out one of them, I guess I only have 2: being able to do a pull-up and working in a Sephora.

Andreea Martin

Associate Director, 2018 studying Electrical Engineering

I love trying all the foods, making music, interior designing, soldering tiny things, and lighting up my world in LEDs.

Kimberli Zhong

HackMIT Director, 2018 studying Computer Science

My favorite things are cute puppies, smoothies, and digging my toes in the sand at the beach. And cool tech stuff.

Stef Ren

HackMIT Director, 2019 studying Computer Science

I like to spend most of my time reading, eating, and sleeping. I also enjoy trying new activities, learning new things, and meeting people :)

Abhinav Venigalla

MakeMIT Director, 2019 studying Computer Science & Electrical Engineering

Give me a long enough lever and a place to put it, and I’ll probably end up breaking something in the TechX office. I’m into Ultimate Frisbee, guitar, physics, and coffee. I sometimes bring oscilloscopes to parties.

Vahid Fazel-Rezai

ProjX Director, 2018 studying Computer Science and Math

I am a country boy who likes hiking and biking. I play pool in my free time.

Claudia Wu

xFair Director, 2019 studying Computer Science

My favorite color is green. I love to read and I’m an unexpected reality show addict. You can often find me either watching food videos or snacking.

Anna Sappington

xFair Director, 2019 studying Computer Science and Biology

I like alternative music, husky dogs, sushi, genomes, and coffee. Oh also coffee. Did I mention I like coffee?

Anthony Liu

DevOps Director, 2019 studying Computer Science

I’m an easily-excited four year old that enjoys EDM, piano, EDM on piano, and films that make my head explode. Lowkey scared of caffeine (@anna).

Kavish Gandhi

THINK Director, 2019 studying Mathematics

I am a math addict who likes reading, classic rock, and excessively spicy food.

Marianne Olsen

Finance/Internal Relations Director, 2019 studying Mechanical Engineering

I like emails, the color blue, robots, bodies of water, and books. I’m also fond of sugar in any form, especially lemonade and chocolate.

Annie Zhang

Marketing Director, 2019 studying Mechanical Engineering

Design junkie who gets super hyped about interior lighting, efficient packaging, and the brushed aluminum plus stained wood aesthetic.

Jack Serrino (me!)

Special X Director, 2018 studying Computer Science

It’s me :) I’m a computer nerd who loves to cook and get stuff done. Hugely into coding and gaming. Might have a low-key anime problem.

Thanks for reading! My friends and I will have a lot to share over the next coming months. Next up, Kavish will reflect on the THINK program rebranding. Stay tuned!


The opinions, events, and stories of TechX

Jack Serrino

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The opinions, events, and stories of TechX

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