Capitol Hill in DC

By Jennifer Prince — Monday, November 5, 2018.


It is the day we’ve all been waiting for — Monday! The time to let our advocacy efforts shine in legislative meetings. After an early wake-up call, we all took the long metro ride to Capitol Hill, eager to talk to our Californian representatives. We met with the offices of representatives Zoe Lofgren, Jimmy Panetta, Ro Khanna, & Anna Eshoo; and with senators Dianne Feinstein & Kamala Harris. In each legislative meeting, we were able to present bills/policy proposals about all five of our MAP issues (immigration, criminal justice, environmental justice, mental health, and gun violence) and also ask them questions about the Democratic party’s long-term plan for the coming years, especially in light of the crucial Midterm Elections tomorrow.

Along the way, we simmered with everything we’ve learned so far on this trip. Each staffer gave us thoughtful responses to our questions, sparking important conversations with them that have transformed the ways we are planning to approach our 5 issues as the 2018–2019 year progresses.

Keep scrolling to see an image-filled, chronological breakdown of our busy day.


7:30 AM- Met at the Crystal City Shops (underneath our hotel) to eat breakfast and catch the bumpy, cramped metro.

Jenny, Malavika, Connor, Surabhi, Arushi, and Raunak finishing up their breakfast.

9:15 AM — Arrived at the Cannon House Office Building to kick off the day.

Exiting the Metro Station (photo by Lucas)

10:00 AM — Our first meeting: Zoe Lofgren.

Students speaking to one of Zoe Lofgren’s office members.

10:45 AM — Our second meeting: Jimmy Panetta

Malavika, Ashir, and Selina from the meeting with Jimmy Panetta’s office member.

11:30 AM — Our third meeting: Dianne Feinstein

Along with other California school delegations, Arushi, Connor, and Surabhi represented MAP’s stance on immigration to Dianne Feinstein’s office member in the Capitol Building.

1:00 PM — Our fourth meeting: Ro Khanna

The entire delegation with one of Ro Khanna’s office members after completing our meeting.

2:00 PM — Our fifth meeting: Anna Eshoo

Students walking in the rainy weather to get from the Eshoo meeting to Kamala Harris’ meeting.

3:00 PM — Our sixth meeting: Kamala Harris

Connor speaking to Mitty Alum Lauren Moore (AMHS ’05, USC ’09, Harvard Law ‘12) in Senator Kamala Harris’ office about Gun Violence policies.

More fun pictures from the Kamala Harris meeting!

Connor and Jenny in front of Kamal Harris’ office.
Connor, Aditi, Kristie, Lucas, Jessica, Arushi, and Selina in front of Kamala Harris’ office.
The entire delegation in front of Kamala Harris’ office with Lauren Moore.

More in-depth analyses of our meetings will come soon; we all need some time to recharge for our flight back home tomorrow. For now, enjoy the pictures and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about what we advocated for, how we advocated, and why we advocate!