MiVote-Redesigned Democracy

MiVote- Our Redesigned Democracy

Being influenced from the works of Van Ginneken. J (1992) Crowds, Psychology, and Politics 1871–1899 and Encyclopedia of Democratic Thought, edited by Paul A. B. Clarke, Joe Foweraker, Professor of Government and Director of the Center for Mexican Studies Joe Foweraker, Professor Paul Barry Clarke the concept of direct democracy and citizen to participate on every policy issues, similar to Switzerland. However, the critiques of direct democracy won the race in last century due to non feasibility, delays, lack of policy making education in the constituencies or societies and conflict. Various jurists, social scientists like Rousseau and ancient Greek model, all tried to advocate best model to achieve direct democracy or best form of democracy. However, they were unsustainable and our constitution makers of various countries around the world adopted representative democracy model. The problem of representative democracy model became further vicious and corrupt and our democratic process is suffering from transparency, horse trading, power of lobbying groups, accountability and trusted system of casting votes because SQL and Paper ballots are centralised system which are not tamper proof and result can be compromised, we started living in corrupted form of democracy. In short, we understood that both of the models have flaws thus democracy system today is broken. With arrival of smart phones and internet and blockchain MiVote introduces innovative model of 21st century democracy, how to enforce direct democracy through representative democracy model which is free from all the above mentioned concerns. MiVote’s tech partner, Horizon State have developed distributive digital ballot box on blockchain with voting application for our citizens to cast votes on every issues, every-time. Along with voting application MiVote has developed governance model to bring direct democracy, which is an unique and serve the purpose of United Nation SDG #4#16. In short, MiVote brings well informed constituencies with a platform for citizens to cast votes on macro policies to show direction to their representatives to enforce their will. The most important part of the project is, it educates citizens on policy with its governance framework and policy framework model build on Blockchain and AI technology. We can truly say well informed citizen can truly elect their representatives.

In the conclusion, MiVote is a world largest socio-political movement, growing fast in Australia, USA , India, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Bolivia, Panama, Brazil, Ireland, Chile, South Africa, Canada, Romania, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Nicaragua, France, Italy, New Zealand, Mexico, and Sweden. MiVote has been featured in various world leading media channels like Guardian, fast company, Huffpost, India Today, Business Standard, economic times, and many others. We can truly say MiVote is providing the innovative solution to bridge the gap between direct democracy and representative democracy, redesigning 21st century democratic process. MiVote was founded by world’s leading entrepreneur Adam Jacoby (the chief Stewart), is a decentralised decision-making platform, using blockchain technology to inform, empower and represent the voice of the will of the people. MiVote closely aligned with United Nation, SDGs 4,5,10 and 16. MiVote projects a strong focus on the four SDG’s, especially when addressing such a key issue as democracy in relation to the future of government, voting and justice for all.

Let’s start nominate vote topics, committee members and candidates power by MiVote system.

Stay Tuned: http://www.mivote.com/

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