BlobStore: immutable storage on Ethereum blockchains

Update: BlobStore is now called Item Store.

BlobStore is an Ethereum smart contract I have been developing on and off for about a year. In January I wrote a blog post about the properties of various decentralized storage technologies. BlobStore specifically targets Ethereum log storage. The premise is simple — store a blob (Binary Large OBject) and get an identifier for it (blobId). For the rest of time that blob can be retrieved using that blobId.

The contract has evolved quite substantially since I first wrote it to add more features such as ownership, configurability, rudimentary revisioning, contract upgradability, testing, and reduced gas costs.

Example use-cases for BlobStore are blog posts, tweets, Reddit posts, user profiles, media metadata, smart contract source code.

Version 1.0 has now been released. It has been deployed on Ethereum. I will also deploy it to Ethereum Classic and Expanse. It will be the primary contract on the soon-to-be-launched MIX Blockchain.