Decentralized Browser MIX Acuity 1.0 Released

Jonathan Brown
MIX Blockchain


MIX Blockchain has been in operation for more than 2 years. It was created as a platform for uncensorable publication.

When you publish, the content is stored on IPFS and the IPFS hash is written to MIX Blockchain.

The following functionality is handled on-chain:

  • Trust Network
  • ownership
  • revisions
  • feed items
  • comment hierarchy
  • emoji reactions

Now MIX Acuity has been released. It is a desktop browser for MIX Blockchain. Its initial functionality is broadly similar to Twitter / Reddit, except it is fully decentralized.

The system is fully autonomous and there is no backend. No-one can prevent you from interacting with the system.

Acuity can be installed on Mac, Windows and Linux. Download from here: For Mac you’ll probably want to grab the .dmg file, for windows a .exe file and for Linux the .AppImage file. MIX Acuity is not yet signed by Apple so you will get a warning about that. Acuity includes ethminer for mining MIX, so it is possible that anti-virus software will flag that.

In order to get started, you will need some MIX and someone to add to your trust network. Both of these things can be found by joining the MIX Discord channel. People there will be able to help you with any issues you may encounter.

MIX Acuity is still very experimental so you will probably find a few bugs and rough edges. Please report these in discord or on GitHub

I have produced videos of various features as they were added to Acuity. Watching these videos on the MIX YouTube channel will help you understand how to use Acuity.

Upcoming functionality:

MIX Acuity now has it’s own Twitter feed:

MIX can be traded against ETH and BTC: