MIX Acuity 1.0.3 Released

Jonathan Brown
Aug 20 · 2 min read

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IPFS Fixes

MIX Acuity uses IPFS to store all content that is published on the platform. The identifier for this content (called a ‘hash’) is then permanently written into the MIX blockchain.

A regression had been introduced a few releases ago where Acuity was not enabling IPFS content to propagate properly. This has now been resolved.

In addition, Acuity now ships with IPFS v0.4.22, which also contains some critical fixes.

Fine-grained account visibility

MIX has a system of Trusted Accounts where you can publically declare who you trust. Each user will then only see content either from accounts they trust directly, or from accounts that are trusted by someone they trust.

However, sometimes you want to block someone, even if someone you trust trusts them. Or maybe you want to see content from someone, but don’t want content from who they trust.

Now you can whitelist or blacklist on a user-by-user basis. This overrides Trusted Accounts.

In addition, this is also totally private. Who you are whitelisting or blacklisting is only stored in the Acuity databse on your device and cannot be known by anyone else.

Testing creator tokens

The long-awaited Creator Tokens are now in testing phase.

The purpose of Creator Tokens is to enable content creators to get paid without paywalls, advertising, or selling user data.

To test this feature you need to enable Development Mode in Settings.

When creating a new token you specify how much you will receive per day. This will start accruing immediately.

Each token also has its own Uniswap exchange and list of top token holders.

This is still very experimental. No real value should be attached to any of these tokens at this time. All tokens created during this tesing phase will not be visible once this feature is released properly.



MIX Blockchain

MIX is an Ethereum blockchain to permanently store semantic linked data.

Jonathan Brown

Written by

MIX Blockchain

MIX is an Ethereum blockchain to permanently store semantic linked data.

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