Moving Past Busywork: Why I’m Starting Mixboard

Over the course of my career, I’ve been fortunate enough to be on the founding team for four successfully acquired startups and serve as the first Product Manager at Weebly, a rapidly growing website-building company. The common thread among these companies was more than just the team’s determination to succeed — it was how quickly we were able to iterate.

The natural byproduct of moving quickly, however, is the challenge of keeping teammates in sync. The quicker a mockup or spec changed, the more out-of-date teammates became. More meetings were conducted, more emails and Slack messages were exchanged, and more time was spent simply looking for information.

These back-and-forth communications can feel a lot like busywork, since they seem to suck up the majority of our time and energy — time and energy we could be using on more productive work.

The way we search and find the information isn’t just a time-suck, but it often derails our best intentions. Information is rarely shared in a way that’s beneficial to all the stakeholders who need access to it. After all, our coworkers create and build all around us, and the work they do has a direct impact on our own responsibilities: the design mockup we haven’t seen yet, the roadmap that was changed, or the product spec that was shared a few weeks ago.

Too often, pieces of information disappear with the next line written over Slack and the next clearing of someone’s email inbox. Transparency is easily destroyed, and crucial company and product knowledge disappears with time.

Mixboard is a better solution to these frustrating communication inefficiencies.

My team and I are working together to develop a product that lifts the burden of communication. We want your time to be spent on crafting experiences as a team — not sending status updates.

Whatever content you create — whether that’s an InVision wire frame, Google Doc product spec, or a Sketch design — your work should be circulated to your project team members immediately and seamlessly. Conversely, you should be able to access your teammates’ work when you need it from one place, rather than hunting them down for answers or wasting your precious time in another meeting. You should be able to search and discover your team’s knowledge when you need it.

We want you to collaborate more effectively so you can get back to building outstanding experiences.

This vision of focused workplace collaboration is why I’m building Mixboard. I’m excited to iterate with my team until our platform becomes the most intuitive way teams work together.

Sign up to get early access at, and welcome to the future of teamwork!