$1 Million Technical Community Bounty Released by Mixin Network

Mixin Evangelist
Oct 23, 2018 · 3 min read
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Mixin Network, a new generation transaction network that offers comprehensive solutions for all developers, entrepreneurs, financial institutions, etc., who need instant transactions with different kinds of cryptocurrencies, released the $1 million bounty for the technical community to offer all blockchain fans and geeks a chance to show their talent. Whether you are an advisor who is passionate and have deep reflexions about blockchain technology, or a geek who has years of blockchain development experience, Mixin Network bounty for technical community may be the platform you are looking for. Here we prepare various forms and sufficient rewards for prominent participants, and totally $1 million budget are planned to reward all qualified projects.

1.Online Courses

Compensation: 10 XIN+

Advisors or consultants in blockchain field with overall insights about Mixin Network, can make online courses about Mixin Network to get XIN. Highlights of Mixin Network to be the main themes of Mixin Network include but not limited to the wallet property (supports almost all cryptocurrencies), Mixin Messenger Bots development, OceanONE development etc.


2.Social Wallet Bots

Compensation: 15 XIN+

Mixin Messenger, a wallet supports 12 main blockchains and over 40,000 cryptocurrencies, is quick in depositing, withdrawal and transferring. Currently, various bots with social, token distribution, exchange features are integrated in Mixin Messenger. Besides all mentioned above, we sincerely welcome bots or extensions that can be used in Chrome and social platforms like Telegram, Reddit, Slack, Discord, etc. to be integrated in Mixin Network.


3.Cryptocurrency Donation DApp

Compensation: 15XIN+

Blockchain & cryptocurrency, the best platform for both truth and trust, will surely change the finance & technology form and be applicable in more and more meaningful fields. Now we need developers help Mixin Network’s work in public welfare and charity field. Developers can delivery DApps which are applicable in Mixin Network to help users make donation with cryptocurrency.


4.Debug Report

Compensation: 10 XIN+

Besides online courses and developments, you can also participate in this program by debugging any situation about depositing, withdrawal and transferring of Mixin Network, Mixin Messenger and OceanOne. Detailed test report is required.


5.Improvement Proposal for Mixin Network

Besides, if you have any good suggestions and proposal for the development of Mixin Network, please feel free to contact us. Also, we prepared specials for the good suggestions.

Act now ->

Developers, technology enthusiasts, advisors, consultants with strong interest in Mixin Network technical community bounty is live, apply and participate by filling in and submitting the related form. Mixin Network team will check your proposal and contact you, if it get approved, and then review the projects once and contact you for the rewards delivery if it’s qualified. So, please make sure that you’ve left the right contact info.

We are looking forward to innovating ideas from participants worldwide.

A kind reminder for all developers, to join in the bounty for developer program, please be a member of developer community in Gitter.


1.Mixin Network reserves the final explanation right for this campaign.

2.All the original content and codes of qualified projects (online courses, DApps, debug reports) belong to Mixin Network after the winners receive XINs from Mixin Network. Mixin Network has the right to utilize, publish and distributed them in all platforms.

Mixin Network

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