If Pornhub uses Mixin Network, it will be able to support payment by any cryptocurrency

Ken You
Mixin Network
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3 min readDec 13, 2018


Based on reports, we know the world’s largest porn video website PornHub has announced that it accepts payment by Verge (XVG), Tron (TRX) and ZenCash(ZEN), and it is expanding its payment options in cryptocurrencies.

What PornHub doesn’t know is that Mixin Network(XIN) can help it increase its support of 3 cryptocurrencies directly to more than 50,000 cryptocurrencies.

What is Mixin Network?

Mixin Network is a new generation transaction network. I will explain this transaction network from 3 perspectives.

From the perspective of technology, Mixin Network uses UTXO, DAG, BFT, TEE and other technologies to achieve secure, private, free and instant transactions.

From the perspective of blockchain and cryptocurrency, Mixin Network provides lightning network service to all blockchain and allow crypto assets on every blockchain to achieve instant transaction. This solves the slow transaction problem faced by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

From the perspective of developers, businesses and organizations, Mixin Network provides a safe, private, free and instant transaction solution, and allows each product to get access to over 50,000 cryptocurrencies. For example, if PornHub uses Mixin Network, it will be able to accept payment in almost all cryptocurrencies.

View the imagination built on Mixin Network from the perspective of developers and businesses:

Currently there are quite a lot of projects based on Mixin Network under development. Mixin Network team itself developed a messenger based on Signal with full-cryptocurrency wallet called Mixin Messenger.

Although Mixin Messenger is a product, it is more like the front-end interface of Mixin Network and demonstrates the power of Mixin Network.

Mixin Messenger has a wallet which supports over 50,000 cryptocurrencies. It also has bots like other social network applications such as Slack, Telegram, Facebook, and others. Each bot will have a unique code starting with 7000 on Mixin Messenger.

Each bot is a product, with a single or multiple functions. It could also be independent from Mixin Messenger, involving games, exchange, shopping, ecommerce and other aspects.

For example, the simple bots which give red packets or push news are based on Mixin Messenger, such as Diceos. At the same time, Diceos can also exist outside of Mixin Messenger. However all transactions are based on Mixin Network and each transaction is traceable on Explorer.

The advantage of Mixin Network is not only on internet products, it can even allow vending machines, POS, ATM, and others to support cryptocurrency payment.

In the future, when you walk down the street, you will see the signs of “Bitcoin Accepted Here” replaced by “All Cryptocurrencies Accepted Here”.

If you are a developer, hurry up and join Mixin’s online developer competition. Let the era of “All Cryptocurrencies Accepted Here” come sooner!