Mixin Network Announcement

Yasmine Moustatia
Oct 11, 2018 · 5 min read

Mixin Network is a new G transaction network. For developers, entrepreneurs, businesses and financial institutions, etc. which need a transaction solution for the instant transaction with the full-currency selection, Mixin Network is the answer. Mixin Network is a public blockchain driven by TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) based on the DAG with aBFT. Unlike other projects which have great theories but hardly any actual implementations of blockchain transaction solution, Mixin Network provides a more secure, private, 0 fees, developer friendly and user-friendly transaction solution with lightning speed. Mixin Messenger, built on the Mixin Network, has validated the features of the Mixin Network and has been applied at the commercial level.

Five Key Features

Secure: Powered by PPOS + Open Source + Light witness + TEE

Lightning fast: Billions TPS capacity and under 1 second final confirmation and ready for larger-scale commercial use

Powerful: Supporting 11 main chains and 40,000+ cryptocurrencies

No Fees: No cost to transfer within the Mixin Network

Private: Mixin Network Kernel utilizes the UTXO model of Bitcoin to handle the transactions

More than 1000K users in Mixin Ecosystem

Over 90 Million Transactions in Mixin Network

More than 200 developers in Mixin Messenger Community

More than 13 blockchain projects were based on Mixin Network

Supports more than 10 main blockchains with more than 40,000 crypto-currencies.

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About Mixin Messenger

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Mixin Messenger is a Dapp built on Mixin Network, enjoying all convenience and security provided by Mixin Network. Mixin Messenger uses Signal encryption protocol, end-to-end encryption. Allow the general public to quickly access the crypto world (access cryptocurrency simply by using your phone number). Social media functions such as “add friend,” ”create group.” Payment function which supports the transfer and withdrawal of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. An ecosystem which allows developers to create DApps(bots): implemented functions include cryptocurrency exchange, information subscription platform, game, shopping, etc.

When chatting with friends, you can send text, audio, emoji, pictures, and files. You can also transfer cryptocurrencies. You can transfer cryptocurrency from your digital wallet by merely entering the 6 digit pin code. There’s 0 handling fee. Currently, support 12 tokens including BTC and ETH, more currencies will be added.

No need to remember the private key to protect your crypto asset only requires your phone number and the 6 digit pin code you set. Currently, over 3.4 million registered app users including 0.5 million active users. Close to 200 developers within the community.

Becoming part of our daily life like Paypal, connect token economy and the real economy, strike a balance with decentralization, solve trust issue, achieve efficient collaboration.

Mixin Messenger has been the partnership with Nepalese financial institutions for instant payment.

OceanONE is a decentralized exchange built on Mixin Network. In terms of registration, normal decentralized exchanges use the private key which is troublesome to store and keep safe. OceanONE uses the phone number for registration, which is straightforward and convenient.

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Thanks to Mixin’s cross chain functionality, OceanONE supports 12 public blockchains including BTC,ETH,EOS,XRP,ETC,SC,BCH,LTC,DASH,USDT,Dogecoin, ZCash and NEM. As a result, it supports transactions of over 40,000 cryptocurrencies.

The entire trading process is done on Mixin Network. The code is open-sourced, it uses multiple signature addresses, private key sharing through sharding, and TEE to ensure transactions remain transparent and reliable.

OceanONE not only wants to be a decentralized exchange with great user experience, it also wants to help everyone with the same goal create their own exchange OceanONE As a result, the team has made the core component of the exchange, matching engine, open-sourced. Any developer can use the matching engine to repackage the front end and create his own decentralized exchange.

To ensure developers and the platform grow together, all developers who created exchanges can get 100% handling fee refund from their own exchanges.

Mixin Messenger and OceanONE are mainly developed by Mixin Network team. The two are closely connected: you can use OceanONE within Mixin Messenger to conduct trading with 0 fees.

Mixin Ecosystem

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Currently 13 DApps have chosen to build on top of Mixin Network. These DApps include copyright programs, social network programs, information programs, gaming programs etc. Collectively, they help to form the entire Mixin Network’s DApp ecosystem.

You can easily recognize the diversity of DApps built on Mixin Network. Besides that, Mixin Messenger and OceanONE are both open-sourced and very friendly to developers and users.

The DApps built on Mixin Network are mainly catering to individual users. But Mixin Network also actively seek partnership with organizations. For example, Mixin has formed the collaboration with Nepalese financial institution to solve local instant payment issues. There are other transactions related partnerships being formed.

As a user, you can feel how easy it is to use DApps built on Mixin Network. As a developer, you will find Mixin Network’s documentation really clear and helpful in developing corresponding DApps. As an organization, Mixin Network’s DApp technology has reached business level. Users, developers and organizations are all becoming part of Mixin Network ecosystem.

XIN(Mixin Network Token)

Is the sole token used by many services in Mixin Network. All XIN fees charged by the Mixin Network platform will be burned to increase the existing token value.

Total supply of XIN is 1,000,000 Tokens. Currently the circulation of XIN is 500,000 tokens, another 500,000 XIN will be reserved as the incentives for all TEE-BFT full nodes and DAG light nodes.

400,000 XIN had been listed as XIN/EOS trading pair on BigONE exchange without price limit from Nov 25 until Dec 25 2017. The sale ended when 8,000,000 EOS was matched. 100,000 XIN were sold within the Mixin Network app to whitelist buyers after Dec 25 at the lowest BigONE exchange price.





Core Team Member

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Social Platforms:

Gitter: https://gitter.im/Mixin-Network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mixin_Network

Medium: https://medium.com/mixinnetwork

Github: https://github.com/MixinNetwork

Telegram: @MixinCommunity

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/mixi

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MixinNetwork

WhitePaper : https://mixin.one/assets/Mixin-Draft-2018-07-01.pdf

Explorer: https://mixin.one/snapshots

Mixin Network

Mixin Network is a free and lightning fast peer-to-peer…

Yasmine Moustatia

Written by

Overseas Market Manager for Mixin Network

Mixin Network

Mixin Network is a free and lightning fast peer-to-peer transactional network for digital assets, designed to solve the scalability of the blockchain.

Yasmine Moustatia

Written by

Overseas Market Manager for Mixin Network

Mixin Network

Mixin Network is a free and lightning fast peer-to-peer transactional network for digital assets, designed to solve the scalability of the blockchain.

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