CryptoThrone Tutorial

Hello, everyone. Today, Bubble King brings you a new game in beta testing — the blockchain strategy game CryptoThrone.

CryptoThrone is different from most of the current blockchain games that simply issues token and lack of gameplay. In the course of the game, all your actions such as login, mining, and upgrade are all on the blockchain. Therefore, as the bubble king who always pays attention to the blockchain game industry, he is also the first time to participate in the secret testing of the secret throne. Here is the tutorial provided by Bubble King to better guide you through the gameplay.

First, the creation and login of the game account

CryptoThrone is a decentralized application on the Ontology blockchain, so players can log in to the game directly using the Ontology account.

Mobile phone: Math Wallet, ONTO and other wallets APP that support CryptoThrone.

The public beta requires an entry ticket. Tickets need to be paid by ONG, and there will be discounts for the entry tickets if you participate in the pre-sale.

Second, the game interface

At the beginning of the game, we will be randomly born on the map with a small number of resources delegated by the system. At this time, everyone can take a look at the game interface~

  1. Battlefield

The battlefield is a big map, where you can see the game elements such as the Lord’s Castle, wild resources, and wild monsters.

Every lord castle is a player, and everyone is an enemy before joining the league. It’s indispensable to guard your castle. Always be careful that others will attack you. At the same time, you can judge the privilege level of the opponent from the appearance of the castle. The castles of the gold diamond represent high privilege players. If you are a player who only spends the basics, you’d better be able to develop in a remote and uninhabited place and seek for chances to attack.

Field resource point

Field resources are divided into good fields, logging farms, minerals, oil fields. Each resource point is further divided into three levels. The higher the level, the faster the acquisition.

Players can send soldiers to the resource points to collect resources, each soldier can collect 10 resources, and the collected resources will be transported back to the city after the collection.

It should be noted that after someone else has successfully attacked your collection force, you will not only lose the troops but also collect resources for others. Some players specialize in staring and making sudden attacks to obtain resources. Therefore, once you collect sufficient resources, try to get back to the main city as soon as possible.

The resource points of LV3 are basically controlled by diamond players, and the risk of LV2 is also very high, you can probably only collect LV1 resources. As a bronze player, we only have 2 troops. In addition, according to the experience of Bubble King, wood is the most scarce, followed by food. This is a war game that requires a large number of recruits, which is your guarantee of survival. Every training of 1 soldier requires food and wood, and building upgrades and technology in level 10 also require a lot of wood, so we need to maintain two troops to collect these two resources without interruption.

2. base camp

You can upgrade buildings in the city, recruit soldiers, collect resources, and develop the technology.

Upgrading the castle mainly consumes wood and mineral. The resources required for the first six levels are negligible, and the resources required for levels 6 to 10 are significantly increased. Level 11 is a hurdle, requiring more resources than level 12, and unlocking technology research after rising to level 11. In addition, the castle level is also related to market resource sales, we mainly invest resources in the castle upgrade.

Barracks mainly affect the speed of recruiting soldiers. In the early stage, there is no need to focus on upgrading. Players can use all the extra resources to build troops. It should be noted that the troops who stay in the castle and do not go out will consume the grain. If there is no grain, the soldiers will continue to starve. The best way to save resources is to send troops out every time, but be careful to be attacked. As for the family, we are a poor bronze and not afraid to fight.

Improve the difficulty of others hitting you, this tiny bonus is not enough to see. Accumulate sufficient additional resources then start to upgrade.

The output of internally generated resources is almost negligible compared to resources generated in the wild. The mineral will produce a new mineral at every 10th level. After unlocking, you will get additional mineral in the wild mineral collection, so try to upgrade it at the 11th and 21st level of the castle. There is a storage limit on the output of its own resources. After it is reached, it is no longer produced. Remember to collect the food regularly.

Research technology to improve soldier combat effectiveness and resource output rate. Each upgrade will increase by 0.5%. Compared with the resources calculated by K, the revenue is too low and no investment is recommended. Diamond privileged player force +30%, we cannot beat others as a bronze, don’t waste this resource.

3. the league

The role of the alliance is reflected in the war and relying on war dividends, which is the gameplay of leading players. At present, there are several powerful alliances in the game, basically only involving diamond players. Even if the bronze players are warming up, they are just a big incompetent. It is good to be able to join an active league; it is also good to develop a niche. Players are free to make their own choice.

4. the market

note! note! note! The market is the source of fun and revenue for us to play this game.

We can sell resources on the market. Watching the tyrants battle, you simply collect resources and sell for ONG returns. Is it a cool feeling?

Key points:

A. The total amount of resources that the lord buys every day has a ceiling, depending on the castle level, reset at 0 am;

B. The number of orders placed by the lord in the market has an upper limit;

C. After each transaction is successful, the official will charge a 5% commission fee from the seller.

The conclusion

The first thing that a game wants is to have a large number of players enjoying the game. Therefore, Bubble King launched the Bronze Player tutorial here, guiding potential players to enjoy the CryptoThrone. Secondly, the game can promote the player to consume more resources. If everyone only collects the resources for sale without spending and waits until the ceiling of the sheet metal player’s spending quota, the price will fall, and even the entire economic system will collapse. The CryptoThrone is still being updated and the official team is still working hard on the game. I hope that the game will get better and better, let the local players spend so much fun so that the civilian players can make a small profit~

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