DeHero Card Pre-sales and NFT Marketplace Opening Today

DeHero, a decentralized GameFi application published by MixMarvel, will be launched on July 13, 2021at 14:00 (UTC+8), opening the first NFT hero card pre-sales. The first batch of the pre-sale cards is limited to the quantity of 6,000, and the price for each pack is 50 BUSD.

Moreover, each pack contains 50 $HEROES, and 48 hours after opening the card pack, users can destroy packs and gain $HEROES. The number of packs each account could purchase is 100, and users can buy up to 50 packs at once.

At the same time, DeHero’s NFT Marketplace has also been launched, introducing multiple NFT trading areas. All of which support users to use BSC mainstream assets to conduct NFT card transactions.

About DeHero

DeHero is a BSC-based GameFi application released by MixMarvel. It is a card collecting blockchain game featuring NFT+DeFi gameplay. Based on the concept of “base value NFT” proposed by MixMarvel, DeHero locks a certain amount of FT for each NFT card, making it a valuable asset. NFT cards can be used for Card Collectible Rewards and trading in the Marketplace. DeHero will open more application scenarios soon, users can participate in community governance through DAO.

Enter DeHero:



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