DeHero Launches a Check-In System

DeHero, a blockchain card-collecting game developed by MixMarvel, is showing explosive solid growth. DeHero confidently occupies leading positions and is among the first in the rating websites of blockchain games.

The ultimate point of playing DeHero has always been to have fun and get an investment opportunity — play and earn, in other words.

DeHero is launching an incredible new event that will bring terrific prizes to many of DeHero’s players.

Introduction to the Check-In System:

Activity Time:

0:00–20:59 Every day from September 9 (UTC+8)

Activity Rules:

1. Each address can log in to the game daily before 21:00 (UTC+8) to check in once.

2. Once checked in, you can get a lottery ticket. The lottery will be drawn every night at 21:00 (UTC+8) through a smart contract.

3. The smart contract will draw 200 winning users from all lottery numbers. Each winner will get one gray-quality card pack that includes 1 $HEROES and one of the №1–72 Heroes. Users who do not win the lottery prize can get points rewards.

4. Subsequently, points can be redeemed for higher-level card packs and rewards.


1. Each address can check-in only once a day.

2. After the lottery day ends at 24: 00, it’s time to receive the prizes. If you exceed the time, you will not be able to receive your rewards. Please collect your prizes in time to avoid unnecessary losses.

About DeHero

DeHero is a BSC-based GameFi application released by MixMarvel. It is a card collecting blockchain game featuring NFT+DeFi gameplay. While collecting NFT cards, players can also earn $HEROES. Since its launch, DeHero has achieved proud results. On the day of the launch, its NFT pre-sale cards were sold out within 24 minutes, and its NFT transaction volume reached second place on BscScan on the second day of the launch. Shortly, DeHero will release new hero characters and support new features. In the future, DeHero will introduce the DAO governance module, and players will be able to participate in game development planning and ecological governance through the DAO community.

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