February Monthly Report

Last month, MixMarvel was invited to attend the first conference of the blockchain application project in Dujiang Weir. MixMarvel had the chance to participate in the signing ceremony along with the Blockchain Scenario Innovation Lab enterprises. Due to MixMarvel being an application scenario project of the Blockchain Scenario Lab, the MixMarvel spokesman delivered a keynote speech under “Blockchain + New Tourism Consumption” and participated in the round table, discussing the blockchain open scenarios for ten years forward. Besides, MixMarvel has made significant progress with its projects. MixMarvel Pocket officially launched the beta testing. LeCube appeared on the Huobi University NFT course, expanding its influence in the community.

Community Benefits

This month, MixMarvel organized several welfare activities for the global community, such as “Exchange Points for MIX,” “Daily Lucky Draw” as well as Chinese festival and other regular activities in the Chinese community; “Send Blessings to Gain MIX” in the Korean community; and “Daily Airdrop Activity” in the overseas communities. Welcome to join our community through the link at the end of this article.

MixMarvel participates in Bithumb’s 7th-anniversary celebration

On February 18th, we accepted the invitation to participate in its 7th-anniversary celebration of Bithumb, the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform in South Korea. As one of the hottest projects in Korea in 2019, MixMarvel’s foundation provided 50 million MIX (approximately US$150,000) as rewards for participating in the celebration. From 10:00–24:00 on February 18th, Korea time, users could get MIX rewards through the token trading contest on the Bithumb platform.

Within 3 hours of the competition, MIX’s trading volume soared, reaching first place in the Bithumb trading rankings. Subsequently, the price of MIX rose by more than 38%, maintaining its top position in the rankings and significantly surpassing second place. As of the end of the event, the total trading volume of MIX reached 1.6 trillion Won. The contract was 1.4 billion US dollars, and the highest increase reached more than 122%. Such marvelous performance has aroused hot discussion among users worldwide.

Project Progress

MixMarvel’s 2021 significant projects are in full-on preparation:

MixMarvel Pocket

The MixMarvel Pocket 1.0 went live on the test net. This version applies the Rocket SDK, which can provide users with a smooth cross-chain experience of digital assets (FT&NFT). Test data shows that users have reached level 34, and the amount of the total assets has exceeded 2000 NFT. We continually update and improve the wallet’s official version based on the data and information feedback from users. The official version will be launched simultaneously in the application and community welfare zones.


After multiple version update iterations, LeCube has now entered the final debug and confirmation stage. It will soon be launched on the test network.

Rocket Protocol

The core technology Rocket Protocol 2.0 is in the process of being deployed on the test net. This version will be fully compatible with Ethereum’s EVM, smart contracts, ERC20, ERC721, and other general protocols.

MIX has been listed on the Uniswap decentralized exchange. A series of MIX mining activities will be launched in March. The major projects, including Rocket Protocol and LeCube, will participate in mining.

About MixMarvel

Since its inception in 2017, MixMarvel has been dedicated to providing both users and developers with a one-stop blockchain-based application-publishing platform and content community. Besides delivering the best content, MixMarvel also provides developers with a layer-2 cross-chain solution, Rocket Protocol, that is more suitable for large and medium-sized interactive applications. This solution is fully compatible with Ethereum EVM and mainstream NFT protocol. Rocket Protocol supports both NFT eco wallets and blockchain explorers.

MixMarvel Community:

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