LeJoy Festival Continues: Community Members Can Share the Million-size Prize Pool

LeCube never ceases to amaze its community members and hosts its second event right after launching the May 19th NFT airdrop.

Today, May 20th, community members can log in to the LeJoy Festival event page and purchase lucky draw tickets and draw blind boxes. Users will get massive rewards such as Cube, LCT, MIX, and USDT. Participants are guaranteed to win, and there will even be a USDT and MIX prize pool to melon.

Click here to draw a blind box >>https://www.lecube.co/prizePool

Purchase Lucky Tickets

By spending 8 USDT or 1000 MIX, community members can purchase lucky tickets and receive massive Cube, LCT, MIX, or USDT rewards. Users can purchase multiple tickets to win even bigger.

Free Draw

Users who log in to the event page daily can participate in the sign-in activity. Having successfully signed in, users can get a free lucky ticket and join in the lucky draw. There is only one free lottery opportunity per address per day.

Melon The Prize Pool

Within this event, 70% of lucky tickets sales go directly to the prize pool, and the top three Cube holders will be able to share the whole prize pool at the end of the event. Community members can gain Cubes from the blind boxes.

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