March Monthly Report

MixMarvel revealed multiple cooperation projects. MIX price increased by more than 192%.

Last Month

Last month MixMarvel participated in the Bithumb (the largest exchange in South Korea) 7th-anniversary celebration airdrop. The transaction volume of MIX reached USD 1.4 billion. MixMarvel Pocket completed the internal testing, and Rocket Protocol has been launched on the test network.

March Summary

This month, MixMarvel has released a beta version of LeCube and established strategic partnerships with YGG and TRON, the world’s largest communities.

Simultaneously, MixMarvel, the legendary game developer WeMade, XRP, and other well-known projects were recommended as the most popular NFT projects on the prominent Korean forum Coinpan. MIX token ushered in the second significant rise wave of 2021, with its price increasing more than 192%.

Besides, the blockchain infrastructure Rocket Protocol has entered the final debugging stage before its official release. According to the previously announced plan, Rocket Protocol will be launched in Q2.

Everything on Schedule

LeCube, the NFT creative community, was deployed on testnet and officially launched the global internal testing on March 16. At present, 200+ NFT creations have been created and displayed on the LeCube website.

Strategic Partnerships with Multiple Projects

1. MixMarvel x Yield Guild Games

On March 22, MixMarvel announced its strategic partnership with Yield Guild Games (YGG), the world’s largest blockchain game community. In this cooperation, the two parties provide users with a new blockchain product experience integrating games, community, and asset management based on the MixMarvel ecosystem. YGG community members will receive the MixMarvel Eco Pass (DID), prioritizing their rights for experiencing MixMarvel ecosystem new products and assets. Meanwhile, MixMarvel will receive full community-construction support from YGG.

2. MixMarvel x TRON

On March 22, MixMarvel officially announced the in-depth strategic cooperation with TRON. The partnership is centered on the upcoming Rocket Pocket 2.0 and Wallet SDK. As a high-performance chain group that can realize the multi-chain contract interoperability of the EVM system, Rocket Protocol 2.0 is fully compatible with TRON’s EVM, smart contracts, TRC20, and TRC-21. TRON will adopt the MixMArvel’s Wallet SDK with cross-chain function in Rocket Protocol 2.0 and the customized ecological wallets for TRON users.

MIX increased by more than 192%

The excellent MixMarvel news has received active attention and support from global users. MixMarvel, the legendary game developer WeMade, XRP, and other well-known projects were recommended as the most popular NFT projects on a famous Korean forum Coinpan. MIX token trading volume ushered in the second wave of significant increases, with its price increasing over 192%. According to KOL and community supporters’ analysis, MIX’s outstanding performance this year may be related to multiple MixMarvel products’ launch.

The first quarter of 2021 is coming to its end. So far, MixMarvel’s various projects and activities are progressing smoothly, and all plans are in an orderly manner. Besides, MixMarvel is also actively negotiating with globally notable projects. Currently, there are already cooperations waiting to be officially announced.

About MixMarvel

MixMarvel is the world’s leading blockchain game publishing platform and content community. In 2021, MixMarvel extensively upgrades its strategy to provide digital distribution services based on well-known IP and high-quality content. MixMarvel intends to link investors and mass users through scenarios such as trading, creation, and asset issuance and create a new decentralized application ecosystem.

MixMarvel Community:

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