May Monthly Report|MixMarvel Gives Away Massive Rewards

Last Month

Last month, MixMarvel reached strategic cooperation with DAOSquare and participated in many AMA activities, introducing the projects that MixMarvel incubates or cooperates with to the global users.

At the end of April, MixMarvel participated in the blockchain-oriented panel hosted by Odaily, the leading Chinese blockchain-focused news outlet. Under the “NFT — the Killer Weapon of Popularity” topic of the forum, Mary Ma, CSO of MixMarvel, expressed an opinion that “the world is accelerating digitalization, and the NFT is an opportunity for all non-standard assets.” Watch the panel broadcast here.

May Summary

Passing the half of the second quarter of 2021, various projects incubated by MixMarvel are proceeding in an orderly manner:

• DeHero, a decentralized GameFi application, launches testing on the BSC test chain.

• LeCube, the NFT creative community, has held NFT airdrop and blind box activities and launched its stake mining mechanism. The prize pool of blind box exceeds 200,000 MIX currently.

DeHero launches testing on the BSC test chain

DeHero is a decentralized GameFi application incubated by MixMarvel. It is also the latest practice of the Staking Game concept first proposed by members of the MixMarvel community in 2019.

On May 25, DeHero started its week-long testing on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) test chain. DeHero pioneered this NFT issuance model with a basic price on BSC, where every NFT card is an asset containing a value. Users can obtain valuable NFT assets and participate in the early content planning phase and community governance through the DAO community. They can also use valuable assets to empower high-quality contents and enlarge more scenarios.

LeCube Global Community Holds Multiple Events

The NFT creative community LeCube shut down its invitation-only testing on May 7. To live up to the expectations of users and their long-term support for MixMarvel, LeCube then launched a series of activities to repay users a favour despite the soaring gas fees on Ethereum:

• An 11-day long NFT airdrop event began on May 8.

• A week-long NFT airdrop event started on May 19, and NFT stake mining was launched simultaneously.

  • On May 20, the blind box activity started, the prize pool of which has accumulated 200,000 MIX.

About MixMarvel

MixMarvel is the world’s leading blockchain game publishing platform and content community. In 2021, MixMarvel extensively upgrades its strategy to provide digital distribution services based on well-known IP and high-quality content. MixMarvel intends to link investors and mass users through scenarios such as trading, creation, and asset issuance and create a new decentralized application ecosystem.

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The world’s leading blockchain game publishing platform and content community.

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