MixMarvel Cooperates with EVERY GAME

MixMarvel has established cooperation with the blockchain game platform EVERY GAME to jointly develop the blockchain game industry through sharing blockchain technical resources and providing comprehensive incubation services.

MixMarvel, the content incubation platform and community of creators, has reached consensus with Samsung Games’ blockchain game platform EVERY GAME on setting up a close partnership in co-promoting industrial development in the field of blockchain games and enhancing the marketing resources on the Korean market.

The blockchain game market has witnessed continuous growth and expansion over the recent years. Joining the ride with the increasingly popular concepts of NFT and Metaverse, developments in the direction of finance, notably DeFi and DAO, are also showing.

MixMarvel, with its years of experience in blockchain game publishing, has taken a further step in the blockchain game market by providing more comprehensive content-incubation services, including asset distribution, content publication, infrastructure construction, community co-creation, and other diversified scenarios, to truly link investors and mass users, and create a new decentralized application ecosystem.


EVERY GAME, as a professional platform specializing in Metaverse, NFT, and blockchain games and content, aims to provide developers and content users with reliability and stability based on blockchain, while offering the best service by preparing an environment that is almost identical to the existing game environment.

Sharing the same goals in creating a convenient and supporting environment for blockchain game developers and users, MixMarvel and EVERY GAME will cooperate on sharing blockchain technology and infrastructures, and providing joint incubation and marketing services for blockchain game projects both in global and local markets such as Korea.

MixMarvel and EVERY GAME are convinced that their collaboration will achieve synergy in the blockchain game market with both of them taking advantage of each other’s strengths.


EVERY GAME is a game platform project attracting blockchain games from its partners and indie game developers, and EGAME tokens are used to play games and purchase items.

It is a metaverse-based platform where you can trade games and NFT items.

About MixMarvel

MixMarvel is the world’s leading blockchain content-incubation platform and creators community. By in-depth exploring the open world and integrating world-renowned IP with high-quality content, MixMarvel connects investors and mass users through asset distribution, content publication, DeFi tools, infrastructure, community co-creation, and other diversified scenarios in a new ecosystem of dapps. Its ecosystem comprises a broad portfolio of FT/NFT assets, including the MIX, RPG, and HEROES tokens; blockchain content including the GameFi application DeHero; and infrastructures including Rangers Protocol and MixMarvel SDK. For more information, visit https://linktr.ee/MIXMARVEL.



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