MixMarvel Project Updates — First Episode

The MIXMARVEL platform is entering an update spree! Looking back the past two weeks, What miracles did the MixMarvel team?

Let’s learn about MixMarvel

MIXMARVEL (hereafter referred to as MM) is a multiplayer gaming community based on blockchain technology and the marvelous vast 3D virtual world created by a global collaboration of enthusiast users and developers.

The MIXMARVEL community loves anything that is fun and adheres to create quality content by connecting players and developers together. Here developers can earn long-term benefits by sharing content, where players can discover premium content and acquire and manage their digital assets. In the future development of MM, developers and players will be further empowered by the blockchain based value network, they can easily find the elements of production content and create and add to the value network to obtain valuable feedback.

We will adhere to the blockchains core spirit of players having ownership of their own data, community ownership rules, and income rights for value creators. We will also continue to update and upgrade the content and services of this virtual world by applying the latest technologies and concepts.

Ecosystem construction and strategic cooperation

MixMarvel has worked intensively with industry leading projects, wallets, game-based exchanges, agreements, and component providers to create the best-decentralized game ecosystem. MixMarvel and the eco-partners are very optimistic about the development prospects of blockchain games and believe that they will gather large-scale users and become the killer application and application scenarios in the blockchain industry.

The head cooperative includes Ontology (ONT), and the cooperation with ONTology will provide better products and services for platform users based on ONT ID, DATA and SCORE; based on the general distributed application module in the ONT base layer, Developers joining the platform provide middle tiers and toolsets.

In addition, MixMarvel and AlphaWallet have closely worked and making technical breakthroughs in the acquisition, management and use of digital assets, and strive to make players have a smooth installation wallet experience in the game scene, making the wallet easy for players to use. Trust manages important parts of assets, not the threshold for players to enter the game.

Trading is an essential and integral part of the MixMarvel ecosystem, and the in-depth collaboration with GAEX is focused on the value added of games and digital assets, allowing players to add value to their play.

Finally, MixMarvel hopes to provide the best service to the developers who join the platform, and its collaboration with the second-tier expansion solution Tenfold Protocol will be used in the MixMarvel SDK to empower the developers who join the platform. Tenfold Protocol has been successfully applied to HyperDragon’s first chain traveler, HyperDragons, which completely solves the “expensive” and “slow” problems of the chain tour, and reduces the threshold for digital wallet installation. HyperDragons has become the first in the global blockchain movement.

(The first blockchain movement in MIXMARVEL, HyperDragons, and Tenfold Protocol make a significant breakthrough to lower the blockchain entry threshold.)

Operational promotion

MixMarvel is not just bound in North America and Greater China, but also moving into Southeast Asia and Europe. Recently, MixMarvel will work with the Non-Fungible Alliance in Central Europe and the Crypto Gamers Community in Israel to reach out to users at the community level and bring blockchain games to the public eye. In mid-to-late November, MixMarvel will enter South Korea and Japan to dig deep into these two extremely active market.

MIXMARVEL version update

(MIXMARVEL)development update notes(2018.11.05–2018.11.16)

MIXMARVEL and the world’s first blockchain based amusement game HyperDragons has successfully expanded to the outer reaches of the world as the core, MixMarvel team has achieved a large-scale innovative use of NFT (non-fungible) digital assets. In the future, digital assets in the MIXMARVEL world will be presented in a visual, interactive, and 3D format, allowing players to play with their digital assets truly.

In addition, players will enter the MIXMARVEL world around the MIXMARVEL storyline and land on any planet for fun and exploration. The planet’s gameplay, services, and facilities are currently being enriched.

The successful trial of HyperDragons immigration into MIXMARVEL once again verified the feasibility of the SDK service process provided by the platform and paved the way for the development of quality services for developers.

MIXMARVEL’s technological breakthrough

The recent technological barrier breakthroughs in the MIXMARVEL platform focused on the compatibility of other digital assets with the MIXMARVEL system. The improvement of graphical visual effects in MIXMARVEL, and the optimization of services provided to the developers.

MIXMARVEL is highly compatible with other NFT (non-fungible) digital assets. At present, the team has realized the integration of other digital assets independent of the MIXMARVEL system into the MIXMARVEL platform.

The MIXMARVEL platform will provide some initial buildings for the first planet, with the goal of being open to the free combination and creation of players and developers, and MIXMARVEL will try to optimize the indoor and outdoor effects of these buildings.

MIXMARVEL provides developers with a standard, flexible set of services and tools to help developers quickly get to the blockchain game development track. Our recent work has focused on iterating and optimizing code to achieve optimal solutions, adapting all digital game assets and making it as convenient as possible for developers.

Stay tuned for the next issue for the news and information

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