MixMarvel seizes the blockchain games technology highlands and promotes mass adoption of blockchain games

As a member of the blockchain game industry ecosystem, MixMarvel has always been committed to building a global blockchain game publishing platform, hoping to create the “ideal oasis,” something similar to the one in the movie “Ready Player One.” MixMarvel has the cutting-edge Rocket Protocol 2.0 technology and MixMarvel SDKs. At present, it has independently developed a variety of high-quality Hyper series games and helped large-scale traditional games to integrate into public chains. MixMarvel has been showing the blockchain industry the infinite possibilities for blockchain games.

Since February 2018, MixMarvel has launched the world’s first blockchain game — HyperDragons, the first multiplayer real-time competitive game — HyperSnakes, and teamed up with NEO to launch the world’s first massive FPS (first-person shooter) — Ground Hunter, and has been well-received by users around the world. At the same time, MixMarvel has also actively researched blockchain technology and broken through technical bottlenecks to solve industry’s pain points, continually enriching the gameplay, bringing better game experience to players. Due to such efforts, MixMarvel has gained a good reputation from users and attracted global players.

MixMarvel has a team with keen vision, rich industry experience, and exceptional ability to execute, which showed mature strategic strength and superb operational capability over time. In just two years, the company has developed steadily and successfully passed through the bull and bear markets and has seized content and technology highlands of blockchain games with the platform’s superior traffic advantage and competitive business model.

MixMarvel’s Blockchain Games

HyperDragons: Creating a new model of a blockchain game

HyperDragons was the first Hyper series game created by MixMarvel, the Ethereum version of which launched in February 2018, and the ontology version — at Christmas 2018. As a leading blockchain game, HyperDragons was developed through digital assets, with every dragon in the game being a digital asset. In the game, players can cultivate high-quality dragons, upgrade gameplay and gain valuable feedback. In addition to this, players will also be able to bring dragons into the MixMarvel platform in the future to experience the MixMarvel platform’s most massive gameplays.

From the very beginning, HyperDragons reached an in-depth cooperation with imToken. Due to its high-quality picture and excellent gaming experience, it has become the star dApp in the imToken wallet, with dreadfully high user activity and popularity. According to the smart contract, HyperDragons has realized rich gameplay, launched the Layer-2 technology-based Rocket Arena, verified the value closed loop of the token economy in the game, solved the problem of blockchain games being “slow” and “expensive,” and gained a large number of fans. By the end of 2018, HyperDragons became a highly active blockchain game after the CryptoKitties.

HyperDragons ‘s game product iteration route:

1) Turn-based system
HyperDragons was born in 2018, the first year of blockchain game blooming. At that time, CryptoKitties influenced all of the blockchain games, and they all were the same simulation games. Such a revolutionary battle blockchain game launched by MixMarvel successfully attracted the attention of the users.

2) Dragon Castle War
After that, HyperDragons continued to develop and launched a large-scale strategy gameplay — the Dragon Castle War based on the turn-based system. In this HyperDragons’ distinctive gameplay, the Dragon Castle is like a kingdom created by all players on the Dragon Island, where treasure chests (loot boxes or DST) can be produced. To produce DSTs, the players will need Dragons, the producers of DSTs, who work hard to find DSTs daily and nightly. Players can buy them from the market or cultivate and breed dragons themselves. If players want their own Dragon Castle to be full of treasures, they will need to invest in the best quality dragons. The excavation ability of the high-quality dragon will be stronger than that of the general dragon, mainly the deviant dragons, and those dragons who defeated their opponents in the arena will win the trophies.

3) HyperDragons Go!
On December 25th, 2018, due to the Rocket Protocol technology, HyperDragons was officially launched on the Ontology and fully upgraded to HyperDragons Go! This version adds a new exploration gameplay and lets the players develop and dispatch dragons to get the necessary items and the treasure chests with many rewards. Another significant feature of this version is the launch of a new combat mode — the Arena — where players gain the benefit of a given skill by winning specific theme battles. Each theme battle is different and unique. The dragon gender, combat strength and elements required for the competition conditions are also different. Besides, there is a rare event that only the 0-Generation dragons can register. Now players have more choices to participate in the Arena and higher playability, and the upgrade of HyperDragons gameplay improved the value of dragon assets. In the official HyperDragon Go! auction, the bidding price of HyperDragons Go! Ontology Dragon and OGC Dragon exceeded 10,000 RMB.

HyperSnakes: Promoting mass adoption of blockchain games

Being the world’s leading blockchain game publishing platform, MixMarvel has always been committed to promoting mass adoption of blockchain games, attracting more and more mainstream players to the blockchain games world by enriching the gameplay of the blockchain games. After the launch of HyperDragons, MixMarvel continued to work hard to reduce the barriers and improve the user’s experience and successfully created another popular blockchain game — HyperSnakes.

HyperSnakes is the first real-time multi-player competitive blockchain game. The game inherits the classic snake gameplay, and adds innovative modes such as snake battlefield management, matching chaos and random battlefield. Withholding the pursuit of quality and technological breakthroughs, HyperSnakes lowers the barrier of entry for mass users and maintains an entertaining gaming experience. HyperSnakes integrated with three major public chains: Ethereum, Tron, and Ontology. Within the first week of its release, HyperSnakes was at the top of the major public chains dApp ranking, which laid an excellent reputation for the quality of MixMarvel’s self-developed games.

Two months later, MixMarvel has innovatively launched a special-edition — “Medusa’s Wrath.” This version introduced the Greek mythical storyline of Medusa onto the basic version of HyperSnakes, setting “Medusa” survival challenge as the theme with new challenges for players. Users can challenge Medusa and prove game battle skills to win huge rewards. MixMarvel boldly tried PVE in the “Medusa’s Wrath,” furtherly reducing the barriers of blockchain games, and this new model has caused a positive response from the community.

The large-scaled FPS blockchain game Ground Hunter is the beneficiary of the Layer-2 technology upgrade

On August 2nd, 2019, MixMarvel presented the upgraded core Layer-2 technology, Rocket Protocol 2.0, to the audience at the launch conference in Shanghai. This technology serves not only the MixMarvel’s games but also the third-party game developers. The world’s first blockchain FPS game Ground Hunter successfully integrated into public chains with the support of this technology.

Ground Hunter was jointly launched by MixMarvel and NEO and has attracted the full attention of the industry. Ground Hunter allows players to enjoy the fun of cultivating the weapons, which are all digital assets. It also has a variety of combat modes and functions that include predictions and broadcasting. Different operational capabilities were designed for different user demographics.

As a benchmark product for the joint development of the blockchain game ecosystem, Ground Hunter has prioritized landing at NEO and started a series of preheating events in September 2019, which lasted for up to a month. As the first blockchain CS:GO, the NEO community and general blockchain users highly regarded Ground Hunter. On Sep.19th, Ground Hunter opened a 2,000,000MIX bid for the in-game №1 weapon, ending with the auction price increasing 100 times in the first round of auction. Such an increase in the weapon price denotes the players’ recognition towards the value of the in-game NFT (Non-Fungible Assets) and their high consideration towards Ground Hunter. On October 21st, the second round of auctions began. Under the strong influence of MixMarvel and NEO, the following-up biddings will be even more intense, and it will inevitably trigger a new round of butterfly effect in the industry.

Ground Hunter’s landing on NEO public chain means the success of the large-scale mainstream game integrating with public chains. It proves that MixMarvel’s core Layer-2 technology Rocket Protocol 2.0 can provide high-quality services to third-party game developers. Such a breakthrough will become another milestone in the blockchain game industry.

As a pioneer in the blockchain game industry, MixMarvel relies on Rocket Protocol technology. With its deep over-ten-year experience in the industry, it has continuously enriched its game products. MixMarvel not only independently develops blockchain games but also helps third-party high-quality games integrate into public chains to promote the mass adoption of blockchain games. MixMarvel believes, only when large-scale users enter the blockchain industry and commonly use blockchain applications, only then we will finally be able to create the ideal “Ready Player One”-like game world.

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