MixMarvel lead a new track of blockchain games during Shanghai CJ!Theme party of Galaxy Adventure illuminated the Huangpu River!

At 19:30 on August 2nd, MixMarvel, the global blockchain game publishing platform held an industry theme party at Shanghai MIFA1862 The party of Shanghai Station, MixMarvel — Galaxy Adventure was jointly launched by Contentos, Cocos BCX, and NEO. The first significant stars started by MixMarvel platform pervaded the evening and illuminated the whole Huangpu River! As the brand-new track of the gaming industry, the blockchain games addition makes the annual ChinaJoy game Festival (CJ) a brand-new event, and MixMarvel, as the world’s top blockchain games brand, has earned the audience’s vast attention!

During the event, MixMarvel first unveiled its upcoming blockchain game publishing platform- MixMarvel. MixMarvel revealed that the platform is a futuristic game universe, very close to what was shown in the movie “Ready Player One,” and it is also a global community where players can find like-minded partners and play together on a series of initial planets. The platform is expected to shortly release its first phase, MarvelLand, which will be equipped with several features. The biggest highlight of the platform is that players can bring in their own blockchain game assets, such as the dragons in HyperDragons, and continue to use them. Later on, MixMarvel is going to launch different sections in stages, bringing breakthroughs to the new blockchain games’ track.

Apart from that, co-founders exhibited their Layer-2 scaling solution, the upgraded version of Rocket Protocol. Rocket Protocol 2.0 has six powerful modules: Rocket Connector, Engine, Ops, Dev Toolkits, Blueprints, and CoreApp, guaranteeing reliable decentralization attributes and improving its security. At the same time, the new version provides innovative real random numbers in the blockchain, strong support for digital assets, a convenient multi-channel integrating account system, and developer-friendly operation and maintenance tools, and other breakthroughs will make it easier for developers to develop blockchain games and enrich its content. This core technology of MixMarvel not only serves MixMarvel’s ecological games but also helps high-quality third-party game developers. At the party, MixMarvel highlighted the first FPS game Ground Hunter together with Force For Fast, the world’s first blockchain sandbox strategy racing game, which is supported by Rocket Protocol 2.0 technology. MixMarvel provides a full range of solutions for the development teams of these two massive games, eliminating their learning costs and enabling them to link up successfully. These two high-quality, large-scale games will also be added to the MixMarvel platform, enriching the platform’s game category, and changing the public’s view of thinking block chain games are not fun enough.

MixMarvel invited many industry elites to exchange viewpoints and experience on various topics, from the underlying technology to high-quality content to publishing services, covering the essence of the blockchain game industry. QJ Wang, the Executive Director of ECF, in her opening speech, expressed her confidence in the future development of blockchain games and conveyed good wishes for the MixMarvel project. Moreover, Klaytn representatives of Korean Head Public Chain also share their thoughts regarding MixMarvel as Klay BApp partner. As well as that, the representatives of Contentos, which is the global head content public chain that collaborated with MixMarvel on creators, traffic, and distribution, while the founder of Da Hongfei’s brilliant speeches on their respective fields of expertise detonated the whole audience and won a round of applause.

MixMarvel stated that the global scheme is advancing rapidly, and Shanghai Station is just one of them. MixMarvel will gradually promote the brand to the world, and in the nearest future, Mix Ecosystem will bring in numerous global gamers to a brand new experience of blockchain games.

MixMarvel community:

MixMarvel Official Website: https://www.mixmarvel.com/
MixMarvel Twitter:https://twitter.com/MIXMARVELGAME
Official telegram Community:https://t.me/MixMarvelGlobal



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