MixMarvel will Release its New Product LeCube in Wuhan Blockchain Conference

MixMarvel will attend the 3rd World Blockchain Conference in Wuhan on December 5th. MixMarvel CSO, Mary Ma, will attend at Forum 1: Embrace Blockchain 3.0 and participate in a panel with the theme of NFT. At the same time, MixMarvel will show the main process of its new product, LeCube, in an offline exhibition in this conference.

Wuhan Blockchain Conference

The Wuhan Blockchain Conference will be officially held from December 5th to 6th. This conference was hosted by 8btc and received strong support from the Wuhan Government.

This Conference gathered provincial and municipal leaders, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, well-known blockchain experts and scholars all over the world, famous economists, well-known entrepreneurs and investors. As the leading company on the NFT track, MixMarvel has the honor to attend this conference. In addition, there are more than 30 participants from various blockchain tracks such as Parity, Oasis Labs, HashKey Capital, Conflux, PlatON, Chengdu Lianan, imToken, Maker DAO, Flow, etc has confirmed attendance.

Core Concept Of this Conference: NFT

NFT, as the most popular industry topic after DeFi this year, will be discussed in this World Blockchain Conference. In this two-day conference, a number of senior practitioners in the NFT field will be gathered to give speeches and participate in panels to share their exploration and thinking on NFT.

The conference also set up a special NFT collection exhibition area, an NFT game experience area and an encrypted art exhibition with the theme of Wuhan’s anti-epidemic. The audience can experience the unique charm of NFT up close and feel the social significance of encrypted art.

MixMarvel will attend speeches and panel

MixMarvel CSO, Mary Ma, will attend the conference Forum 1: Embrace Blockchain 3.0 on December 5th, and participate in a panel with the theme of “NFT Boundaries and Imagination”.

As a senior team in the field of blockchain games, MixMarvel has rich practical experience and deep understanding in the NFT field. As early as 2018, the game HyperDragons began to use the method of Dragon cultivation to issue and add value to NFT digital assets. And the Layer-2 solution Rocket Protocol developed by the team is not only more suitable for game applications in terms of performance, but also supports the NFT protocol in all aspects, providing infrastructure guarantee for NFT applications.

It is worth noting that MixMarvel will release its new product LeCube at this blockchain conference. As a virtual Lego on the blockchain, LeCube focuses on the creation of the NFT community and the gameplay of NFT+DeFi.

LeCube can be experienced in the offline experience exhibition

In the industry pavilion featuring “application experience”, MixMarvel will showcase some ideas of its new product LeCube during the exhibition. There will be an NFT-themed Lego exhibition area, and audience can participate in Lego building on site and experience the gameplay of LeCube in advance.

The users who participate in Lego building can participate in the lottery and get a 100% chance of winning the new product’s Cubes, and 10 lucky users can get Cubes with equivalent value of 1ETH.

The MixMarvel team has always been committed to building a new blockchain game ecosystem. MixMarvel hopes that through the appearance of new product LeCube at this World Blockchain Conference Wuhan, MixMarvel can make a big step forward for the industry.

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