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MixMarvel’s proudly incubated project, MetaCene, the most anticipated blockchain game for 2023, is now preparing to present its first batch of NFTs. This NFT collection, named MetaCene Apostle NFT (MAN), is listed as the best NFT asset among gaming NFTs, offering various benefits for its holders and completing the game’s worldview. As the only NFT collection that optimizes MetaCene benefits, MAN is a vibrant asset with growing potential.

Introducing MAN — the best NFT Asset Among Gaming NFTs

MetaCene presents an epic worldview that embodies its abundant gameplay, mechanics, and ecosystem, seamlessly combining AAA aspirations with the Web3 spirit. Incubated by MixMarvel and armed with the support of MixMarvel SDK, MetaCene offers the industry’s best NFT-centric gameplay and a comprehensive economic system that allows for the seamless flow of in-game assets.

MetaCene Apostle NFT is a limited edition collection consisting of 500 unique pieces. It offers exclusive in-game and ecological privileges, along with a SBT system. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, MetaCene allows players to assume the roles of survivors, while MetaCene Apostle NFT holders have the additional privilege of being the first to resurrect before other survivors. They are granted early access to in-game resources and exclusive benefits, enhancing the overall experience.

Why MAN — Utility and Features

MetaCene offers several features that enhance the potential benefits of MAN and extend its impact beyond the virtual realm.

Firstly, holders gain early access to the game with a unique in-game mystery box in each phase they engage in. This grants them exclusive access to Alpha, Beta, and other testing or official versions while providing them with certain resource advantages. During each testing phase, these holders can enjoy the rewards from the in-game mystery box, adding to their resources advantage.

Secondly, MetaCene provides a strong community, governance and guild privilege system. Holders have access to a dedicated Discord channel and receive in-game guild rights. Additionally, they have the priority opportunity to participate in the governance of the game, granting them early involvement in decision-making processes and a voice in shaping the game’s development. This is also what MetaCene always emphasizes: a player-centric community.

Thirdly, MetaCene grants holders priority to mint NFTs. They have the advantage of being among the first to mint future NFTs in the coming series. This privilege allows them to acquire and collect valuable digital assets before others. To be noted, all MAN cards are free to mint!

Furthermore, holders can look forward to Airdrops of NFTs and Tokens. After the official launch of MetaCene, holders will receive guaranteed governance token ($MAK) airdrops as well as in-game NFTs. These airdrops provide additional rewards and incentives, further enriching the player’s experience.

Lastly, MetaCene offers Exclusive Gear and Skins. Players can access exclusive gear suits with customization options in MetaCene. This allows them to stand out from other players with unique appearances and personalized aesthetics, enhancing their in-game identity and status.

Great Expectations on MAN

Through these features, MetaCene ensures that MAN’s potential is maximized, providing players with exciting opportunities, advantages, and a richer gameplay experience within and beyond the virtual realm. It is worth noting that MAN is deeply integrated into the game’s worldview, providing the best in-game experience. As the most anticipated blockchain game in 2023, MetaCene presents exceptional NFT-centric gameplay and aims to deliver AAA-quality game content. It has garnered attention from both Web2 and Web3 gamers, making MAN’s launch a crucial test and opportunity to showcase its capabilities.

Furthermore, MetaCene is committed to constructing a comprehensive ecosystem that embraces the possibilities of MAN. They have claimed impressive milestones in fundraising rounds, established an in-game marketplace, and implemented other compatible solutions to facilitate seamless trading within this epic world. Their distribution plan and collaborations with renowned game guilds demonstrate their dedication to exploring and expanding the game world.

At MixMarvel, our mission is to enable mass players to embrace blockchain games, and our ultimate goal is to create a real metaverse for everyone. With MetaCene’s ambition and unwavering efforts, we eagerly anticipate the world that MetaCene is about to unveil. Now, MAN serves as the first collection for MetaCene players and the initial step to embark on this thrilling journey. So, hop on board and begin your adventure!

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