MixMarvel’s New Product LeCube: Interactive Experience Exhibition Leads The New Trend Of LEGO Build And NFT Creation

On Dec 5th to 6th, MixMarvel participated in the 2020 World Blockchain Conference held by Babbitt in Wuhan. CSO Mary Ma delivered a speech entitled “Taking over DeFi and becoming the next large-scale application, NFT lacks more than just infrastructure.” She also participated in the panel with the theme of “The next wave? The boundary and imagination of NFT.” Together with several senior NFT practitioners, they discussed the development status and prospects of NFT.

Simultaneously, in the “Application Experience” industry exhibition hall, MixMarvel presented its new product LeCube through NFT large-scale interactive experience Exhibition “LEGO Build.” Users could participate in LEGO construction of “cities of the future” in the exhibition area of NFT theme LEGO Park. They had the chance to unlock the exciting modes and playing methods of MixMarvel’s new product LeCube in advance.

LeCube, as a virtual Lego on the blockchain, focuses on UGC community creation and NFT + DeFi playing. In LeCube, the author can freely construct different “NFT creations” with “blocks.” “NFT creations” can shuttle through any decentralized application and be freely traded, pledged, and collected by the community. The LeCube interactive experience exhibition intuitively shows the spirit core to the on-site users. LeCube is developed and created by the community. MixMarvel is eager to build a blockchain for global users to create and promote a global community. Therefore, the whole process of users’ participation in Lego construction will be displayed in LeCube products in real-time in the future. Each piece created by the creator is an asset on the chain. The NFT, built by users, its process, and results are all on the chain.

In just two days, the “LeCube” interactive experience attracted more than 100 users to participate in the exhibition, setting off a new Lego building and NFT creation trend. The users’ imagination was limitless. Many valuable works have been built, such as an Apollo rocket Saturn 5, a classic IP duckling, a Marilyn Monroe art-style portrait, a mini camera, a 3D car, and some future city architecture. Simultaneously, all the Lego building users can participate in the lucky draw and get a 100% new product cube reward. Ten random users got a cube with the highest value of 1ETH.

We are looking forward to turning these unique ideas into real chain assets in LeCube. Giving the copyright to users will help us realize one new virtual world and a more open game ecosystem.

The newly upgraded chain-version of LeCube will be released at the beginning of next year. Through its appearance at Wuhan World Blockchain Conference, LeCube has rapidly gathered many creative admirers. We have reasons to believe that this genuinely decentralized UGC community creation product can become the virtual world’s visual entrance in the future. It will become the infrastructure of the native NFT to promote the industry’s further development.

“Lecube” Interactive Experience Exhibition

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