Monthly Report | MixMarvel November 2020

In November, the core progress of MixMarvel mainly includes:

1. MixMarvel CSO, Mary Ma, attends an online AMA organized by iNFT with 9 leading NFT projects.

2. MixMarvel CSO attends Online Live Broadcast of a public course organized by WANXIANG Blockchain Labs.

3. MixMarvel will release a new game “LeCube”, a blockchain based cubic world.

Looking back on October, MixMarvel achieved the following:

1. MixMarvel CSO attended the “NFTVERSE” panel during Candaq Blockchain Universe Summit.

2. MixMarvel eco wallet test ver. 1.1 development plan was confirmed.

3. MixMarvel white paper upgrade completed.

4. Community promotions during festivals of the month.

October Highlights:

  • On October 25, MixMarvel CSO, Mary Ma, was invited to participate in the NFT panel of Candaq Blockchain Universe Summit to share about “NFTVERSE”, and discuss the development status and track prospect of NFT market together with star projects Whale, BCAEX, Rarelink, ArtGee and DEGO China.
  • MixMarvel eco wallet phased test ver. 1.1: development plan confirmed
  • MixMarvel Whitepaper upgrade complete. Whitepaper QA activity was launched for the core MixMarvel communities to enhance the MixMarvel brand awareness in an interactive and fun way.
  • The MixMarvel community conducts user promotion during “Chongyang Festival” and “Halloween” to stimulate user creativity, mobilize community members to jointly create valuable and innovative community content. This promotion greatly increased user stickiness and improves the community activity, and sets the ground for creating a decentralized autonomous community.

November Highlights:

  • On November 6, iNFT united 9 leading NFT projects such as MixMarvel, DEGO, and Evolution Land, as well as 3 blockchain medias including Teahouse, PANews, and Liandu, to discuss whether NFT can become a breaking point in 2020.
  • MixMarvel CSO Mary was invited to participate in an online AMA with the initiator of the DEGO China community and the co-founder of Evolution Land. The Topic of the AMA was how can games explode again.
  • On November 26th, MixMarvel CSO Mary was invited to participate in the 35th issue of online live broadcast of a public course organized by WANXIANG Blockchain Labs, introducing the theme of “The digital world is becoming more and more popular, how will blockchain game industry develop?
  • CSO Mary revealed in the WANXIANG Blockchain live broadcast that MixMarvel will soon release the new blockchain game“LeCube”, focusing on NFT community creation and NFT+Defi gameplay.

MixMarvel has been committed to providing players and developers with a one-stop publishing platform for blockchain games. The entire ecosystem includes Layer 2 solutions and integrated development environments that are more suitable for traditional large-scale games, SDKs that integrate native blockchain applications, NFT/FT ecological wallets, NFT asset trading and lending platforms that provide players with decentralized financial services, and In the future, MarvelLand, a national DAO organization that allows NFT to shuttle through.

Next month, MixMarvel will focus on promotion and publishing of new games, Rocket Protocol technology upgrade, build more strategic and technical partners, participate in large-scale blockchain summits.

About MixMarvel

MixMarvel is a global blockchain game publishing platform powered by blockchain that sets the best practice of blockchain mass adoption, linking global channels of distribution with the best quality contents and the mass blockchain game players.

MixMarvel Community:

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