NEO and MixMarvel jointly launch the first large-scale blockchain-based FPS. A series of giveaways will issue 2,000,000 GHT in October

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Recently, the leading public blockchain project NEO announced its partnership with MixMarvel, the global blockchain game publishing platform. Both parties are planning to commence their collaboration by launching Ground Hunter, a blockchain-based FPS (first-person shooter) game, that will become one of the market’s first large-scale FPS games. On Oct. 9th, a series of preheating activities such as giveaways and pre-sale packages worth 2,000,000 GHT will be launched and be available for a month.
On Sep.19th, Ground Hunter opened a 2,000,000MIX bid for the in-game №1 weapon. In less than two weeks, the auction price increased nearly 100 times, and the maximum profit per user account has reached 4000MIX. The starting price of the №1 weapon was set at 1000 MIX, employing the user cooperative bidding method, the value increased by 10% in each round of auction. 80% of the gain will be directly distributed between the participants of the bid. The game official will proceed with the acquisition at the disclosed final auction price. As soon as this innovative and competitive bidding model launched, it involved nearly a thousand users and was highly sought after by the community. Such an increase in the weapon price denotes the players’ recognition towards the value of the in-game NFT (Non-Fungible Assets) and their high consideration towards Ground Hunter. It is suggested that the 2,000,000MIX bid is only the beginning, and the game official will continue to launch more fascinating giveaways.

Ground Hunter is the world’s first large-scale blockchain game launched by MixMarvel. It will be the first high-quality blockchain FPS to land on the NEO public chain, targeting the users of NEO. At the same time, the game will also take full advantage of the NEO community-based features. The game will be launching a series of preheating events for NEO holders like priority benefits, assets, and privileges. MixMarvel revealed that FPS games are highly compatible with NEO’s global community user attributes. They are about to open pre-sales of on-chain weapon assets. Players participating in the pre-sale will receive the Ground Hunter’s privilege of internet test, prioritize the game and find the best path to gain the match in advance.

From concept, the Ground Hunter not only has the classic gameplay of the mainstream FPS but also incorporates some featured gameplay with blockchain characteristics, allowing players to accumulate value while fighting.

1) In the Ground Hunter, weapons are the digital assets that players can develop and trade on the chain; besides, the game assets wholly belong to the players. Players can earn rewards by cultivating higher quality weapons. Therefore, at the game items’ scale, having a high-quality and high-level asset becomes key for victory in FPS.

2) At the gameplay level, Ground Hunter has renovated the mainstream battle mode and changed the distribution method of winning and losing in the traditional mode. The design of the token economy of this blockchain game fully considers the balance between the winners and the losers. In addition to the winner getting the absolute most of the rewards, the best players of the defeated teams will also receive encouragement, which will give FPS players great motivation.

3) As for the user level, the recently added prediction mode will assume a vaster player diversification. This mode will allow players who are concerned about their FPS skills or players interested in assets to participate in the game.

NEO suggested that, by cooperation with MixMarvel, it intends to broaden the categories and content of the blockchain games. Ground Hunter is only the beginning of their collaboration. In the future, NEO will unite with MixMarvel to produce more high-quality and innovative blockchain games.

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