People Are the Key to the Future Actualization of the Metaverse

Quick Takes

  • The metaverse is the evolution of the human social community.
  • The challenge in blockchain development isn’t the tech but the human thoughts.
  • DAO is to solve the issue of human collaboration.
  • How to construct the DAO would depend on the collective goals.

Most people on the Internet probably have heard of “Metaverse” as a universal and immersive virtual world. However, not many of you who have heard about it know that MixMarvel was the first ever to mention the Metaverse as a concept within the blockchain world back in 2017.

In MixMarvel, we believe the Metaverse is not something solely technology-driven. The emergence of the Metaverse is a process that happens without us noticing. Metaverse is inevitable. The Metaverse will happen sooner or later through the gradual evolution of the human social community.

Metaverse Is About Human Interactions

Not Only Tech but Also Socially-Driven

In theory, the Metaverse open world can contain some rather distinct blockchain concepts, some of which are DAO, standard protocols, UGC, etc. However, the challenge in blockchain development leading to Metaverse is not only the tech itself but the human ideas on how the community would be as well.

Rules by which we live are always influenced by the constantly changing human collective needs throughout history. The changes we face are as invisible as they are unstoppable. We may not see much difference from the life we lived a month ago, but if we looked back at least two years ago, we can see tremendous differences. The last two years have served to remind us all of the limitations of remote meetings and collaborations. Lack of social life, remote work, lack of usual daily products, health hazards, and even simple lack of entertainment; all of this is the environment that impacts the population’s subconscious.

Throughout history, governing systems, pressed by constant social environment challenges, have expanded from basic systems of self-governance to the complex governance models that exist today. However, some think that the centralized models of corporate and commercial governance we know are already out of date and the future will bring about a decentralized model with new facilitating interactions.

The global governance system must balance efficiency with inclusiveness, leaving no groups behind and making it possible for more voices to be heard. In MixMarvel’s eyes, the reorganization of the human social community toward cooperative existence is exactly what Metaverse is about.

Revolutionized by Blockchain

The core meaning of blockchain as an integral part of the Metaverse is that it revolutionizes the cooperative relationship between humans. For instance, smart contracts reduce fractions between human interactions and improve efficiency. DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, or simply a group of people who agree to abide by specific rules for a common purpose, also plays a vital role in the future society with its decentralized way of governance.

Mature corporations, emerging start-ups, and the less competitive companies face new challenges in a globalized world. We are living in an era of unprecedented changes. Our whole society is facing new challenges in the unhealthy circumstances of pandemics and nationwide conflicts, making it clear that now it is time to take the future of the entire humanity into the collective hands of the people.

With the development of blockchain technology, the world is getting more familiar with terms like decentralization, anonymity, and virtuality. Both blockchain and outside communities are getting aware of how important these concepts are for a safe and private future even in the current world of the Internet. One of the major advantages in the decentralized blockchain network is that no one has to trust anyone and can trust everyone at the same time. Each member in the network has a copy of the exact same data, which, if altered or corrupted in any way, will be located and rejected by the majority of the members in the network.

Today, for instance, decentralized finance, or DeFi, is already becoming a part of crypto users’ daily lives. DeFi disempowers mediators and gatekeepers and empowers everyday people via peer-to-peer exchanges. The world should realize how crucial it is for users to keep any virtual transaction anonymous and hide any information that can be used against them in, e.g., social engineering, hacking, or blackmail. And the more people join a blockchain network, the more people collectively govern it, the safer it is.

If such blockchain necessities like DAO, standard protocols, UGC, and social tokens can solve the issue of human collaboration, then co-creation, co-governance, and other cooperative relationships in the Metaverse can happen faster than in the real world.

The Future

Metaverse will allow human needs to dictate its organizational form. For the first time, Metaverse can allow the creation of spaces that will allow everyone — in even the most globally dispersed organization — equal access. Metaverse will listen to a diversity of voices.

However, to reach such a state of absolute transparency on spaces from team collaboration, to learning and development, to global culture, Metaverse — single or multiple and interoperable — must need DAO. But how the DAO solves problems, satisfies different human needs, and how it is constructed would depend on the collective goals of the community living in the Metaverse.

Although the emergence of the Metaverse and transferring to the decentralized state of governance will still be a gradual and time-consuming process, it is no less inevitable than the creation of our first collective blockchain communities.

About MixMarvel

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