Quarterly Report|MixMarvel Carried Forward Comprehensive Upgrade, Finishing Q2 with Impressive Progress

In Q2 2022, the team of MixMarvel worked strenuously on leading the project to a higher level in a comprehensive way and delivered remarkable results. MixMarvel is now ready to review its progress in Q2 and is looking forward to achieving more in the days to come.

Ecosystem Expansion

With a new brand logo released on the first day of April, MixMarvel started the second quarter of 2022 with an updated visual identity while continuing the comprehensive upgrade of the MixMarvel ecosystem.

On April 7, the decentralized investment organization MixMarvel DAO Venture was officially launched, enriching the MixMarvel ecosystem as a vital part. Determined to provide financial support and consulting services for high-quality projects to become outstanding Web3 builders, MixMarvel DAO Venture raised $50 million in funds and invested in six quality projects within three months before its debut.

On June 1, the beta version of DeHeroGame (Rangers Protocol) went live on Robin Testnet for two-week-long open testing, as the first dApp deployed on the Rangers Protocol network. With its rich gameplay and highlighted game features, DeHeroGame (RP) attracted over 3000 players and received more than 80 pieces of valuable feedback, based on which the DeHeroGame team has been actively fixing bugs and upgrading the game to soon deliver a more advanced version with brand new NFTs and on-chain battle experience.

Partnership Extension

MixMarvel also went on to establish effective cooperation with more leading projects in the industry to promote development in the fields of blockchain games, Web3 infrastructures, Metaverse, and more in joint forces.

In May, MixMarvel entered into a strategic partnership with the world’s leading growth asset trading platform BitWell in Metaverse, Web3 ecosystem, GameFi, NFT, and more. The cooperation injected enormous vitality and liquidity into MixMarvel’s token economic system, with MIX simultaneously listed on the centralized exchange BitWell, providing convenience and a better trading experience while making the token more publicly available.

The MixMarvel x BitWell collaboration was carried further by MixMaverl cooperating with BitWell Labs, the venture capital and innovation incubation department of BitWell. Within the collaboration, the two parties will offer technical resources, community operations, and incubation services to promote Web3 and Metaverse industries while enriching the ecosystems of both.

MixMarvel also reached a consensus with Samsung Games’ blockchain game platform EVERY GAME on working in close collaboration on sharing blockchain technology and infrastructures and providing joint incubation and marketing services for blockchain game projects in global and local markets such as Korea.

Strategic Development

Firmly aiming at bringing the Metaverse to the masses, MixMarvel has been carrying out consistent upgrades in all aspects to realize this vision, following a sustainable development plan and daring to make strategic adjustments based on actual user needs. To help Web2 users enter the Web3 world with lower technology and knowledge threshold, MixMarvel has decisively prioritized the development of MixMarvel SDK over NFT features.

By connecting to the third-party DID Wallet and the MetaFi SDK that integrates deposit, Swap, and cross-chain, MixMarvel is offering the MixMarvel SDK as an applicational solution to removing Web3 entry barriers for Web2 users while making technical integration convenient and efficient for Web3 entrepreneurs. Moreover, the MixMarvel SDK is also crucial for the future NFT features and solutions that MixMarvel spares no effort to develop.

Knowledge System Enhancement

While pushing forward technical and business development, MixMarvel has also been enhancing and condensing its methodologies regarding Web3 tokenomics, NFT value appreciation, blockchain integration, and more, which will be implemented in more upcoming projects incubated or published by MixMarvel.

Also, with a genuine wish to integrate its knowledge into educational content for Web3 users, including Web3 practitioners and newcomers, MixMarvel has been working on establishing new channels through which users can be empowered with not only rich content but also valuable resources and opportunities.

Brand Positioning Upgrade

The development and advancement achieved in the past days have endowed MixMarvel with great confidence and inspiration, based on which MixMarvel has decided on a brand positioning upgrade. While there is still a little time before MixMarvel makes its new stage post, users are certainly welcome to expect a powerful Web3 content incubator and publisher coming on its way.

Right on the fast track to comprehensive development, MixMarvel is confident to deliver more. Please stay tuned for every bit of our progress.

About MixMarvel

MixMarvel is the world’s leading blockchain content-incubation platform and creators community. By in-depth exploring the open world and integrating world-renowned IP with high-quality content, MixMarvel connects investors and mass users through asset distribution, content publication, DeFi tools, infrastructure, community co-creation, and other diversified scenarios in a new ecosystem of dapps. Its ecosystem comprises a broad portfolio of FT/NFT assets, including the MIX, RPG, and HEROES tokens; blockchain content including the GameFi application DeHero; and infrastructures including Rangers Protocol and MixMarvel SDK. For more information, visit https://linktr.ee/MIXMARVEL.



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