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MixMob Launches Its New Campaign MixMob Summer 2022

MixMob continues its growth with the launch of MixMob Summer, a four-month campaign that celebrates the social dynamics of friends and competition that happen in these hot summer months. This campaign focuses on one particular aspect of MixMob, the lifestyle celebrating the spectacle of MixBot racing in a near-futuristic world where remix culture dominates fashion, architecture, design, media, and more.

The Campaign

MixMob Summer is designed with three objectives in mind:

  1. Reward and drive more value to the Gen0 Mask holders.
  2. Expand the community with additional products.
  3. Build excitement for MixMob Racer 1.

Each month will see the launch of a new product centered around the lifestyle, Gen0 Masks, or MixBots, all leading up to the release of our first game MixMob Racer 1.

The Website

The new MixMob.io website is live and it is united around the lifestyle of MixBot racing. One part of the MixMob world has now been revealed where you get a sense of how the members of MixMob hang out, work, train, race, and more.

Gen0 Masks

The Masks are more than just a way to stay hidden from A-1, they are an expression of your identity. In July, the next evolution of the Gen0 Masks will be revealed, with the first breadcrumbs coming in the next two weeks. Mask Up before everyone else.


The only way to compete and win in MixMob Racer 1 is with a MixBot. Customize and race them to earn prizes and access accessories and NFTs in the MixMob world. The Gen0 MixBots arrive in August with Mask holders getting first priority.

MixMob Racer 1

Formerly codenamed Uprising, MixMob Racer 1 is your ticket to compete for fame and tokens. Legends are made by racing and the next major release happens in September with new tracks, multiplayer, and more. This is when your MixBots come into play.

For now, go and check out MixMob.io as we kick off MixMob Summer with new contests and quests, while each week unveiling more about Gen0 Masks, MixBots, and Racer 1.

For the latest news on MixMob Summer and everything else, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord.



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