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Mizar Beta v2

We’re excited to unveil the release of The Mizar Beta v2 starting on the 1st of February. For the second stage of the Beta, the Mizar Team has prepared even more smart trading tools coupled with exciting discounts for early adopters!

Become a Signaller
Strategy providers also known as ‘Signallers’ are free to propose their own performance fee on trades made by users using their Copy Trading strategy. If you’re interested in becoming a Signaller, please visit: ‘Become a signaller’. The more people copy your trades, the more you earn.

New Features
The Mizar Team has been working hard behind the scenes to develop new features to make trading less complex and more accessible for everyone. In this article, we will break down 2 of the new features that will be released during The Mizar Beta v2.

The feedback we have received from our community has been thoughtful and clear, one of the most requested features that our community has been waiting for is Copy trading. Copy-trade allows users to invest in strategies that have been developed by top traders. These strategies are published on the Mizar marketplace, allowing users to track and follow the results and performance of the selected strategy. Users can find out the best strategy on the dashboard and invest simply by copying a quantitative trading strategy with a click of a button. Copy Trading allows users to take advantage of the skills of more experienced investors and maximize their earnings.

Our next feature is the M-wallet, which allows users to deposit or withdraw stablecoins directly into their Mizar wallet. The M-wallet provides users with a convenient way to pay volume fees and for Mizar to reward top-performing traders. It sits at the core as a secure and reliable piece of our infrastructure that will support the MZR token.

Exclusive Beta Access
While we are still preparing to open up the platform for everyone, we would like to offer some great perks for early and loyal Mizarnauts that have stuck with us and are eager for the official launch!

Mizarnauts receive $10.000 traded volume for free, each month, for an unlimited period of time. If you deposit a minimum of 20 BUSD in your M-wallet during The Mizar Beta v2, we will multiply the traded volume from $10.000 to $100.000 for free, for 3 months! (After the 3 months the free traded volume will return to $10.000 for an unlimited period of time)

Starting from the 1st of February, the self-trading and copy-trading features will be concluding their trial periods. Make sure to have enough balance to keep your bots running. This can be checked using the fee manager tool.

We are excited to release more trading tools for everyone to use. We would love our community’s feedback on the features and more. So do not hesitate to get in contact with us on our Telegram, Discord, or Twitter!

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