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MZR Monthly | January 2022 Recap

Let’s start the first update of the year with some highlights of 2021! Whether you recently joined the community or missed the important events of Mizar. Here are some highlights:

  • The private alpha and closed beta going live offering users the first taste of what Mizar has to offer.
  • Our first few partnerships and integrations with the likes of Polygon, KuCoin, and Binance to name a few. Adding them to the Mizar Ecospace.
  • Mizar’s announcements regarding the Galaxy Fund, DMizar, and the bug bounty program. Showing the community our vision and what we are working on.
  • Over 2.000 users and 30.000 applications for the Mizar platform.

Mizar Beta v2 announcement

Mizar is excited to launch the Mizar Beta v2 on the first of February. The upgrade includes new features that make trading easier and more convenient. One of the features is Copy trading, a feature our community has been requesting a lot. The Copy-trade allows users to invest in top-performing strategies.

During Beta v2 users also get a limited promotion for free. With the limited promotion, you can get up to $100.000 traded volume for free, for 3 months. So make sure to read the article to find out how you can get it and further details about the promotion:


Mizar receives a grant from Fantom Foundation

Mizar is delighted to announce that Fantom Foundation has invested a grant in Mizar to expand cross-chain trading tools to Fantom. Mizar will add value to Fantom by facilitating advanced trades and running automated strategies within the Fantom blockchain.

With Mizar, users will be able to create strategies that include assets from across the Fantom ecosystem. We intend to integrate with every DeFi protocol that can expand the pool of assets available.

Learn more about the announcement here:


Bringing automated trading to Fantom with Beethoven X

Following our announcement with Fantom Foundation, Mizar is thrilled to unveil a partnership with Beethoven X, to dive deeper into the Fantom Ecosystem. Mizar will be working closely with Beethoven X to bridge our current CeFi solutions to DeFi, offering users automated and optimized trading on Fantom.

Learn more about the partnership here:


Blockpartytrade releases video tutorials for Mizar’s platform

Blockpartytrade has released a video tutorial on our marketplace and is planning to release even more tutorials about our platform. Give the video a watch and let us know what kind of tutorials you want to see from us next.

Check the video here:


AMA’s and community engagement

Mizar Co-founder Francesco had a talk with some of the leading Chinese and Russian communities. Together with Buff X and SnapFingers, Francesco discussed some of our latest developments.

Mizar’s CMO David is planning to hold more AMA’s. So be on the lookout and prepare your questions for when we announce them.

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