Why you’re losing money trading on exchanges like Binance and Etoro

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4 min readOct 29, 2021

Discover the new way to trade subscription-free and community-driven where trading is no longer stressful for you

Are you a cryptocurrency trader or investor that spends their free time following your feed for the latest and most comprehensive insider news?

Or maybe you’ve got your own watch-list you’ve done extensive research creating to find the most promising coins?

Or maybe you’re just like us, who just don’t have the time to do all the dirty work and don’t have the wealth to access only the most profitable financial products on the market.

Well, worry no more.

Professional trader, part-time trader, investor, or just getting started…

The solution to an unfair system that has benefited the rich and wealthy for long enough has just dropped within the grasps of your hands. The only thing left to do now… is pick it up and the limits are yours.

Welcome to Mizar

A community-funded/crowdsourced hedge fund where trading is made simple for you!

Mizar is a next-generation trading platform where you’ll have the ability to search for strategies to securely allocate capital or get access to a vast range of trading tools to put your assets into motion. Mizar has made trading simpler and accessible to everyone, subscription-free.

For no longer are the rich and wealthy the only people with access to financial instruments capable of things beyond imagination. Now Mizar brings those products to you.

Shifting the balance and creating a fairer system for everyone to take advantage of.

6 reasons to choose Mizar over big companies like Binance or Etoro

Unlike competitors including Binance, Etoro, Stacked Invest & Crypto Hopper; Mizar offers subscription-free trading tools and a marketplace to put your cryptos in motion with a range of advantages listed below…

  1. Non-custodial Network
    This means your assets will securely stay in your own wallets to make trades on Mizar, having complete control over your own funds at all times.
  2. Connectivity of Exchanges
    You can connect to a wide range of exchanges through API and manage your cryptos on Mizar.
  3. Broad Community
    Mizar is developing a wide community of crypto traders and investors who have developed systems and algorithms which support them to automate their trades and execute thousands of orders per day. With Mizar you will have the chance to allocate some of your assets on their strategies and perform as they do.
  4. Subscription Free
    Mizar is subscription-free, in the sense that users pay only if the strategies they are copying are actually performing.
  5. Bot Development
    Mizar offers traders of all levels the opportunity to develop their own bots through a user-friendly interface, publish them on the marketplace and get copied.
  6. Smart Trading Tools
    Multiple accounts can be managed from one place, and users can actively manage their trades and assets. You can simultaneously take profits and stop losses on different positions, split your investment into smaller chunks, and buy the asset at various points over time at different prices + much more.


So if you skipped out on buying Amazon stock, Google, and Apple and think you’re still too busy to invest online,

whilst you sip on your champagne in the Bahamas, know that Mizar’s got your back and will do all the work for you.

If you’re ready to find your potential within our smart and algorithmic trading platform to give you the taste of financial freedom…

Then please visit us on:

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Your Friend in Prosperity,

Kosta Kathiniotis

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