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MZR Monthly

September 2022 Edition

Get up-to-date on everything that has happened in the Mizar Universe in the last month!

Mizar.com is live
mizar.ai is now mizar.com with a brand new dashboard design, improved loading, UI/UX, and a unified view of open positions! Please check our new website. We have improved the loading speed up to 10X and added new features.

Mizar is growing fast
The Mizar userbase has grown by 20% last month.

Ease of use and more features
September was dedicated to improving the ease of use of the product and adding more features.
The Mizar development Team has improved loading speed by up to 10x for DCA and API bots pages.

A new unified positions table has been created to be able to manage all your positions, on different exchanges, from one single place.

We have also added metrics for open positions like next SO price, trailing or stop loss active (and more…) to help traders understand the current status of the position and what the next action will be. Learn more here.

It was a great effort from the Developer Team. Mizar has improved our product of x100 and users are already saying it!

New product release: Unlimited Paper Trading on Mizar
Mizar has released its new product: paper trading. Users can now simulate their trading on Mizar, applied to every tool offered on the dashboard, unlimited. This product is quite unique and will help users to learn, discover Mizar and get ready to switch to real crypto sooner. Learn more here.

Join our Bug Bounty Program
With the new release of Mizar Paper Trading, we’ve decided to do a bug bounty campaign for users and developers to take part in, to help improve the overall user experience.

We have a Prize Pool of $500 for functional bugs. The program is running from September 20th to October 18th, 2022.

Read more about it and check out how to participate here.

New MIZAR exchange page to monitor all your exchanges on one page
The new exchange Mizar page was released. This nice feature of Mizar is that users can monitor all their exchanges on one page. The request has come from our community and has been a high priority. The users get notified if their exchange key has expired, and they are able to update their data in real-time with the Refresh button.

Speed and user-friendliness are crucial to Mizar not only the website has improved the loading and better UI/UX but the Mizar marketplace with the “SHOW MORE” button.

Marketplace loading has been improved
Users can scroll the marketplace and load more strategies in a better way.

And last but not least we have new Strategy Providers on board




Many new ones are onboarding soon. Other 10 Strategy Providers testing the platform and building up a bot right now.

Stay tuned to follow their new strategies.

We also regularly release articles covering diverse topics in the trading world. Is there something you want to see next? Don’t hesitate to leave a suggestion!

That was this month’s edition of MZR Monthly! See you next month again with some fresh updates & the latest news from Mizar.

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