The day Dave Navarro played with MJ

In April 2002, Michael sang Dangerous, Black Or White and Heal The World at the Apollo Theater of Harlem for President Clinton’s Democratic National Convention.

During Black or White he was joined by Dave Navarro, who remembered the moment in a 2011 interview.

Gothamist: You came to play with Michael Jackson, right?

Navarro: Yes, it was incredible. I’ll tell you: I got a phone call from Michael Jackson’s staff saying they wanted me to play with him at the Democratic National Convention here in New York at the Apollo Theater for President Clinton. Of course I did not miss the opportunity to do so!

It literally came out of nowhere and was an amazing experience. He was probably one of the most sweet and humble artists I have ever met and has worked with many. He was really very humble, very grateful and he did not stop thanking me for doing it, as if I was doing him a great favor. I really had the opportunity to see his work ethic and how perfectionist he was.

Gothamist: It was just a show, right?

Navarro: Just once. We did a rehearsal in Los Angeles, which was incredible. It was the sort of show that the choreographers are supposed to do, but Michael showed up there that night, although in the end we did not do it.

— Gothamist interview with guitarist Dave Navarro