It’s the Fascist Academy:

The Masses Wanted the President to Finally Surrender

By Barbara Herondale

Design by Vince Julius Balaga

It’s the same old corrupted institution — the unfortunate students are forced to imbibe the academy’s core value: fascism. The administration, themselves, are inculcating their prejudice into the minds of students. The silent ones — often those who freeride on the progressives — are rewarded of change. The criticals or the “noisy” students of the streets are publicly mortified. Much worse, their scholarships are likely to be revoked by the head of the academy, which is unconstitutional to begin with.

Once, they had guaranteed change and new policies. Now their mandates turned into a resentful-comedy show. Our boundaries will be protected to reassert our jurisdiction, to defend what’s ours. Many have thought that the academy has finally met a courageous president who stands by his students, yet, that may only be wishful thinking.

The academy president is proudly the no-show party leader — a group of ruthless adults who are always late during important board meetings. With them, he had learned the ropes of tyranny. He even appointed one of his cronies despite the rage of his students.

The Fascist Academy is a murky world. The President does not seem capable of handling all the pressures in this macro-academy. It is represented by the five “specialized” academies. But all have a knack for disappointing their constituents. Since the time he took office, this academy, which fuels the death of many students, has become perpetual.

Failedhealth Academy

Its mission is to promote and provide a socialized or people-centered health system. Until now, they’re still exploring how to give quality health care that benefits the masses.

Based on its original mission, the Failedhealth Academy is, indeed, a failure. It did the exact opposite of its very basic function of serving and working with the masses. As it turned out, they limited their function to counting the number of active cases and the death toll in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The academy no longer promotes health. They only stimulate shrink services. We could have flattened the curve if we had improved our healthcare system. It should have been dealt with and led by scientists, epidemiologists, and health experts. Yet, the leaders were too in love with guns and bullets that they forced militaristic solutions amid a public health crisis. The masses asked for medical solutions, but they provided them full-gear and high-caliber gun militaries.

As usual, they’ve paid no attention to the call the students have been forwarding ever since. In effect, it will take time to slow down the virus transmission and the spike in death cases as the failedhealth kept on passing unto the masses the “pasaway” card — when they have not done anything to this date.

The militarization of pandemic is just the surface; underneath resounds the years of health negligence. The masses exhaust their money to failedhealth contributions hoping that they would be saved in times of emergencies. But with the worsening public health crisis, the fund was instead met with questionable expenditures. Allegedly, its “most trusted” officials even pocketed people’s money, causing low-income households to suffer much more.

The fiasco is far from ending as the former Failedhealth Chief Executive and Department of Failedhealth Secretary is yet to be sued for multi-billion-peso corruption.

Philippine National Violence Academy

Its mission is to enforce public safety and strengthen internal security in cooperation with the masses. In reality, just like the first, it’s otherwise.

It couldn’t be forgotten. The newly-appointed head of the Academy was a renowned quarantine violator. Despite him disregarding such health protocols, he was rewarded with a promotion. So much for the dura lex sed lex.

Much worse, the immediate passing of the “terror law” as endorsed by the academy only justifies the abuse of power. A manifestation of this abuse was the case of the political prisoner who was vehemently treated as a high-profile inmate during the burial of her daughter. PNV Academy insisted she was. The masses refused to simply accept that, especially upon knowing PNV’s diluted system.

However, that case is just one of many. This debacle has started with the administration’s obsession with drug interdiction cases, particularly their Drug on War campaign. The marginalized were killed even if they were unproven guilty. Another form of their blatant repression of basic freedom is the incessant red-tagging of the student activists. In the guise of security and order, they hamper students’ freedom of speech and right to assemble.

Well, this violence is human-made — fabricated by the President’s pompous ego.

Department of No Compassion Academy

Its mission is to promote quality and accessible education for all. But it perpetuates business as usual while turning a blind eye to the real struggles of the students.

It is expected from this academy to recognize the first-hand struggle of students. In light of multiple disasters that rammed the country, the Department of No Compassion Academy was firm that classes should proceed no matter how grave are the conditions of many.

They didn’t mind, even if the odds are stacked against them. They see the value of education, yet they cannot realize the weight of losing lives or properties. For them, these don’t count at all. Sure, their students may mourn or rest, as long as their academic requirements are well-taken care of.

Should the students feel guilty prioritizing health over the unending modules and google classroom deadlines, the academy is to be blamed. They thought that education could only be found in books even if the best ones are learned through experiences and immersion with the masses. The latter — it is that kind of education that is needed to restructure the rigged academy’s political system.

Department of Dolomite Academy

Its mission is to nurse the environment, the ecosystem, and do what it takes to keep it in good condition. It was never their mandate to mock institutions that criticize them — for their own improvement, for the environment’s preservation.

In the face of uncertainties, the Department of Dolomite Academy, as pioneered by the ever-creative administration, won the hearts of those who value aesthetics. However, its actual purpose is to raise mental health awareness — and it’s far from happening.

Others reckoned that the whole idea of this academy is a waste of money and effort. Instead of redirecting the resources to COVID-19 responses, they had pushed their vision of a “white sand” as if it’s a charm. Ironically, the project becomes another stressor for the masses. More so, those who are in love with this project are willing to break lockdown protocols just to take instagrammable pictures.

From then on, DENR’s flagship project has been to push for Dolomite beach even if it’s being washed out. Persist thy program, thy impractical-full-of-consequences, in the name of “policies for the people” card. They were even warned about the unsustainability of their superficial project but the academy just called them “bayaran.”

Their projects are all facades. They have instigated the River Ranger, the people cleaning the Pasig Rivers when it is futile to do so. Imagine working during the pandemic, and the compensation is contractual and below minimum wage. Worst, months have already passed and they weren’t able to receive their salary, which is still subject to the approval of the heads.

Aside from the dolomite, maybe it was also the academy that is washed. Their decisions and standards for appointing an undersecretary who thought Research and Development are just for aesthetics.

Department of Selective Amelioration Academy

Its mission is to protect the vulnerable and promote the rights and welfare of the poor, not strain the masses. A parcel of this is to quell hunger and suffice the needs of the masses.

The meticulous and bureaucratic process has been the image of the academy. They have rigorously screened and cherry-picked the beneficiary for the Social Amelioration Program (SAP), which is a subsidy for the masses amid the pandemic. Those who are in dire need of help are kept in the shadows. Poor-unregistered-Filipino voters were discarded from the list of beneficiaries.

This amelioration is supposed to benefit the households below the poverty line, yet the DSA Academy has echoed a stringent guideline. The masses are forced to wait in long queues only to be rejected in the end. Some even died.

The President has worsened the already-impoverished academy. The DSA is just a puppet who perpetuates the long-existing agony of the masses.

With all the issues they are going through, it’s evident that the masses have long been wanting to be freed from the chains of the Fascist Academy. And they are demanding more than a break from it. They need those at the top to surrender finally. They need a capable leader to oversee the academy.

The president of the academy has abandoned his mandate to be the voice of the underserved and has demoralized the critical minds of the nation. Yet, the students can definitely do big in breaking this bleak cycle.

The students once toppled a cycle of drought and violence. But fascism will never have a place in the student body who has a drive for change.

It is to ACT NOW or STEP DOWN.



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