NEWS | PH COVID-19 cases exceed 24,000 4 days earlier than UP predicted

By: The News Team

As of June 11, Thursday, the Department of Health (DOH) reported a total of 24,175 cases with 1,036 deaths in the country, proving the University of the Philippines’ (UP) warning in May that a premature relaxation of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in Metro Manila would result in an increase of 24,000 cases by June 15.

Based on a study conducted last month by UP professors and Octa Research fellows Guido David, Ranjit Singh Rye, and Maria Patricia Agbulos, the 7 weeks of ECQ have proven effective in reducing the rate of transmission of COVID-19 but easing the quarantine could lead to escalation due to possible rebound effects and increase in transmissions.

In an attempt of the government to recover economically, workers and civilians are further endangered by the laxity in implementing quarantine measures. | Photo credit: Rappler

As a result, UP experts again warned that coronavirus cases could further increase to 40,000 cases, with deaths reaching 1,850, by the end of June as the country is still experiencing “significant” community transmission of the virus while the country amidst the loosening of quarantine restrictions. Factors such as increased mobility, increased testing, and close proximity of people in densely populated cities contribute in sustaining community transmission.

Rye persuaded against the gradual easing of quarantine restrictions, emphasizing that government decisions should be based on scientific evidence. Other experts added that failure in addressing this issue would lead to a higher wave and could undermine the country’s economic recovery.

“What we do as individuals is as important, if not more important, than any government intervention,” Rye stated, reminding the public to be vigilant and observe health measures.



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