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Letter sent on Aug 29, 2016

✍ ML for Newbies — Week 1

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Why machine learning?

Machine learning focuses on creating algorithms that can learn from the data given to them. What can these algorithms do? A lot. They can filter spam, detect fraud, recognize faces, and even let you suggest things to your customers. The possibilities are endless.

Why I started ML for Newbies

I started ML for Newbies to give you, my readers, an easy-to-follow, structured introduction to ML all the way from theory to code. We’ll battle our way through armies of Greek alphabets and turn them into executable code. By the end of the series you’ll have gained a broad overview of ML coupled with the knowledge of turning the theory into code.

Who is this series for?

This series is aimed at beginners. I’ll post one concept at a time and handhold you through it. Each concept will consist of a few bite-sized posts so that you can read at your pace and never get overwhelmed. Sounds fun?

Week 1 is already published and consists of 4 parts. In week 1 you’ll learn one of the simplest ML algorithms, the k-NN classifier. Ready to get started with ML?

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