NLCS & ALCS Trophies Come to MLB Champions™

As postseason continues, MLB Champions™ will be introducing new Trophies highlighting key plays and players that have impacted the end of the season. These trophies will be playable, but limited to the position of the featured player. We will release ONLY 1 of each trophy so if you want one, decide quick.


Trophies will go for 50 ETH on Dutch Auction over a 48 hour period. The starting price will begin at 50 ETH and gradually decrease until sold or until it reaches a price of 0 ETH.

There will be 2 NLCS Trophies and 2 ALCS Trophies.

MVP Trophy: Cody Bellinger

Commemorative Moment: Manny Machado Sliding Score

MVP Trophy: Jackie Bradley Jr.

Commemorative Moment: Andrew Benintendi’s Diving Catch


As for gameplay, these trophies will function like other figures. These 2018 ALCS and NLCS Trophies will be playable in 2019 and feature unique bonuses during the 2019 season. These won’t be the only trophies this season so keep watching the 2018 World Series to see what the next trophies might be!

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