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2022 Starts With Notion — My Dashboard Template


Time always flies quickly, as fast as I forget the names of acquaintances, and post on my blog. No offense. My vices.

2022 is stepping into the door, with the mask on but dirty shoes. When I looked back on my 2021, I can’t express more gratitude for the inspirations I got, the people I met, the learning I had, and the important decisions I made. The future is hard to predict but I stand still, holding on to the helm.

So, as a new starting point in 2022, what should we do? Planning! What is the best tool in 2022 to help us design and manage our lives? Well, let me introduce Notion.

Why Notion?

If you are a YouTube heavy user like me, I would be surprised if no one of the YouTubers you follow has not commented on Notion. People praise it as the best all-in-one productivity tool ever, and easy for everyone to pick up. It is incredibly flexible and can be your first choice for task management, writing repositories, habit trackers, goals planners, and more. What’s the main reason I use it? I have to be frank and candid — other tools are so ugly. Yes, I am talking about you, OneNote. And you, EverNote. No place to smug in the corner.

Disclaimer — it takes more than just believing good things will happen. If the plan is not followed thoroughly and no action is taken, no productivity tool will help you. One thing I learned from James Clear’s Atomic Habits is to make the good habit obvious and attractive. How to make it attractive? Sharing! If this work is adopted by anyone, I would be very happy.

What is covered in my dashboard?

When I design my dashboard, I collect as many excellent works of other people as possible and stick to my principle — less is more.

The homepage begins with my favorite quote from Oscar Wilde — Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. On the left panel, there is a tidy list of today’s to-dos, and you can easily add new tasks, mark completion, and comment. When a new day starts, just drag the block to the Archive, and click on the + New Today button to create a new template. Don’t worry. It’s all handled for you.

On the right is today’s main course, the Hub. There are six basic sections for my day-to-day life:

  • 2022 OKR (Objectives and Key Results) — my 2022 goals in personal projects, relationship with family, finance, exercise, and interests
  • Reading — my notes and impressions on books and articles. Thanks to Ali Abdaal for providing the fantastic note-taking template.
  • Habit Tracker — track my daily habits like meditation, exercise, daily journal, and so on
  • Journal — daily journals, yearly reviews, personal principals, and eureka moments
  • Finance — budget tracking and assets review monthly
  • BlockChain — Don’t underestimate the heart of learning (and FIRE) :)
My Homepage — by Li Miao

Let’s give a taste of how the sections look like


OKR by Li Miao

Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker by Li Miao


Reading by Li Miao

How to use this template?

  1. Make sure you already have a Notion account and the app
  2. Go to Li’s HomePage
  3. On the top right corner, click Duplicate
  4. Feel free to make any edits on top of it to fit your purpose

What’s Next

As I put the blog plan in my 2022 OKR, I hope I will stick to it and continue to share my work in ML/AI, my learning in BlockChain/DeFi, and my journey in the valley. Stay tuned and see you guys in 2024.

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