6 Best Final-Year Project Ideas for College Students using Python

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Hey guys in this blog we will see some best final-year project ideas for college students using Python. These projects are going to be unique and not like other blogs that just keep on repeating the same old projects.

Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in recent years. Its simplicity, versatility, and ability to handle complex tasks have made it a favorite among developers worldwide.

If you are a final-year student looking for project ideas in Python, you are in luck! In this article, we will explore some of the best final-year project ideas in Python that will not only help you build your skills but also make you stand out from the crowd.

So without any further due, let’s do it…

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1. HealthCure — an all in one medical solution — medical project — 7 disease detections

HealthCure is an all-in-one medical solution. We know the future is all about AI so here is my idea of bringing 7 disease detections under one platform using the power of AI. Although these results are perfect yet an experiment we did, which can prove to be a revolution in the coming years.

7 disease detections:

  • Covid-19 Detection
  • Brain Tumour Detection
  • Breast Cancer Detection
  • Alzheimer Detection
  • Diabetes Detection
  • Pneumonia Detection
  • Heart Disease Detection

Sneak Peek of the App

Covid Detection Page

Covid Detection Result

2. Doctor-Patient Appointment System in Python using Flask

As the name tells Doctor-Patient Appointment System is a very interesting and useful project in which we basically have 3 types of users:

  • Super Admin — can approve or delete a doctor or patient registration request.
  • Patients — can schedule appointments with doctors.
  • Doctors — can approve or delete appointment requests raised by patients.


Functionalities of Doctors:

  • Approve or delete appointment requests from patients.

Functionalities of Patients:

  • Schedule an appointment with a doctor.

Functionalities of Super Admin:

  • Approve/Delete a patient registration request.
  • Approve/Delete a doctor registration request.
  • Delete a registered patient.
  • Delete a registered doctor.

Sneak Peek of the App

Home Page

Registered Patient Page

Registered Doctor Page

3. Portfolio Website in Python using Flask

Portfolio Website can be a very good tool that you can use to stand out from the crowd who are still using Resumes. This can be a total game-changer while your interview. This is our new-age resume…

Pages in our Portfolio Website:

  1. Home Page
  2. Skills Page
  3. Projects Page
  4. Education Page
  5. Experience Page
  6. Resume Page

Sneak Peek of the App

Home Page

4. Leaf Disease Detection Flask App

Leaf disease detection is a critical issue for farmers and agriculturalists. The detection of leaf diseases at an early stage can help prevent the spread of diseases and ensure a better yield. However, manual detection of leaf diseases is time-consuming and often inaccurate. With the advancement of technology, machine learning, and computer vision techniques can be used to develop automated solutions for leaf disease detection.

In this article, we will discuss the development of a Leaf Disease Detection Flask App that uses a deep learning model to automatically detect the presence of leaf diseases.

Sneak Peek of the App

Main Page

Result Page

5. Face Recognition-Based Attendance System

So guys here comes the most awaited project of machine learning Face Recognition-based Attendance System. As the name says this project takes attendance using biometrics (in this case face) and is one of the most famous projects among college students out there.

I have tried to make the project the easiest way possible.

Sneak Peek of the App

Main Page

List Users Page

6. Realtime Number Plate Detection using Yolov7

In this blog, we will see how to perform Number Plate Detection using YOLOv7 by training the YOLOv7 on our custom number plate data.

YOLOv7 is the new state-of-the-art real-time object detection model.

You can use it for different industrial applications. Also, you can optimize the model, that is, converting the model to ONNX, TensorRT, etc, which will increase the throughput and run the edge devices.


Python is a versatile language that can be used to build a wide range of projects. Whether you are interested in artificial intelligence, web development, data science, or game development, there is a project idea out there for you. By building a project in Python, you will not only gain practical experience but also demonstrate your skills to potential employers. So, pick an idea that excites you and start building!

So this is all for this blog folks. These were some new and innovative Best Final-Year Project Ideas for college students. Thanks for reading it and I hope you are taking something with you after reading this and till the next time …

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