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BLOOM 176B — how to run a real LARGE language model in your own cloud?

Many of us use GPT-3 or other LLMs in a SaaS way, hosted by their vendors. But how is it like to run a model of the size of GPT-3 in your own cloud?

Model size

Hosting Setup

Robot in a rain of flowers.

Boot the model

A brain made out of flowers.

Use the model

"input": "The BLOOM large language model is a",
"gen_kwargs": {
"min_length": 5,
"max_new_tokens": 100,
"temperature": 0.8,
"num_beams": 5,
"no_repeat_ngram_size": 2,



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Maximilian Vogel

Machine learning, large language models, NLP enthusiast and speaker. Co-founder BIG PICTURE.